Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Party invitation letter sample - Birthday Party

Address of Recipient
City, State, Zip code
March 10, 2013

Dear Mr. And Mrs. ( write name here)

I am organizing ( write nature of party such as birthday party) party on ( write day and date here). I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the ( write name of party here such as birthday party) of my daughter ( write name of your daughter). On this joyous occasion, we wish to share the day with our closest friends and family members.

It can be amazing surprise for my daughter if you come to join us . The formal event will be located at ( write details of venue here) on the ( Date of part) at ( time of party)

All programs will be starting by ( write time here) prompt, and the dress code selected is ( write colors here such as black and pink) although any formal costume will be okay. As you have been my daughter's friend for quite long time, I will deeply appreciate your participation to grace the occasion with your presence.

This is pre- invitation to birthday celebrations ( change it as per your needs) so that you can block ( write date and day) from your busy schedule in order to participate in event.

We look forward to see you there, to enjoy this special day with friends and family. Thanking you in anticipation of your favorable response.

Sincerely Yours


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