Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Student Excuse Letter - School excuse letter

Here we see examples of Student Excuse Letter and school excuse letter sample for absence of student. You are advised to modify these excuse letters to be suitable for your purpose

Student Excuse Letter:
Dear Mr/Mrs [Teacher Name] ,

My son Mahdy has been absent yesterday due to diarrhea. He is now well enough to attend class. Please allow him to catch up on any lessons missed.

Mrs. Mariam

School excuse letter sample for absence of student:
Dear School Principal,

Kindly excuse my son Sam V. Ashly, senior student of Class C, he was absent from June 2-8, Monday to Wednesday.

I had to take my children to visit their grandfather who has been very ill and has requested the presence of his grandchildren. Our family is going through a very difficult time and Sam as been deeply affected by this family matter.

I hope you would kindly allow him to take any remedial tests or exams he missed during his absence from school.

I hope you understand.

Mrs. Ashly

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