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Job Confirmation Letter - Work Confirmation Letter Template

Here are samples of  Job Confirmation Letter. You have to modify the confirmation  letter according to your need.

Job Confirmation Letter Format

Dear Mr. [Name]

Consequent to the review of your performance during your probation , we have the pleasure in informing you that, your services are being confirmed as [Designation] with effect from [Date].

All the other terms and conditions as detailed in your appointment letter remain unchanged. We look forward to your valuable contributions and wish you all the very best for a rewarding career with the organization.

Please sign the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of acceptance of the same.

For company Name


Another Job Confirmation Letter template

-------, 2013

Mr. --------

Company Name

Dear Mr. ,…..

We are pleased to inform you that effective ..........., 2013 your services are being confirmed in the Company. Your salary and other terms and conditions of your appointment shall remain unchanged.

Please accept my congratulations!

Wishing you all the best.

Yours sincerely,
For Company Name

Director Name

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Sample Appointment letter

Here is a sample appointment letter,  appointment letter template . You have to modify this letter according to your need.

To: [Name] (Holder Passport No.__)

On behalf of [Company Name], We here by inform you that you are appointed as Computer Engineer in our organization . Details as follow:

Position: Computer Engineer
Monthly Salary: USD 5000
Annual Bonus: Based on your performance

In the best interest of [Company Name] , We will need your confirmation immediately.

We look forward to you being a part of our team

Sincerely Yours ,

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letter for advertisement in newspaper

Here is a sample letter for advertisement in newspaper :

To: The Advertising Manager
Newspaper Name

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to advertise my accommodations wanted in your newspaper. The matter is given below:

Fully furnished accommodation required for South Spanish family from 15 May to 30 May 2013 in [ Address] . Contact Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Thank you in advance
Yours Faithfully,

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Acceptance Letter from Company for Bank’s Salary power account proposal

Here is a sample Acceptance Letter from Company for Bank’s Salary power account proposal

To: The Branch manager
Bank Name
Bank Address

Subject: My SB account – Reg Account No:_______

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With reference to your salary power proposal dated_____, we are pleased to inform you about our acceptance of the same inclusive of all the terms and conditions mentioned therein. We hereby certify that the salary relationship your bank would be commented for a minimum ______of employees and the average salary would be minimum $____ that shall be credited into the staff account on a regular basis. We request you to offer the appropriate product features as per the payout details.

We understand that incase of non credit of Salaries for more than 3 consecutive months, the special features offered under the salary power scheme would stand withdrawn and the account shall be treated as a normal saving account under the bank’s standard charge structure and all charges shall be levied and applied as applicable to normal savings accounts.

We also wish to inform the bank that ________________ is / are designated and authorized Official / s to verify and validate the bonafides of all staff who are opening their salary accounts with XYZ bank. Any changes to this effect would be intimated to the bank well is advance , for record.

His/ Their Sample signature with the company seal is dulty enclosed for record.

Authorized Signature                Authorized Signature
Name                                       Name
Designation                               Designation

Thank you very much

(Company Name)


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Letter to the Bank regarding unauthorized representation

Here is an example Letter to the Bank regarding unauthorized representations – Sample Caution Letter

Date: 10 June 2013

To: The Branch manager
Bank Name
Bank Address

Subject: My SB account – Reg Account No:_______

Dear Sir,
With regard to the above said DB A/c kindly don't entertain any representation claiming to be authorized by me and receive my SB account details intimationg and lhearing me personally. For further clarification please call me at ( Contact Number) and oblige.

Thank you very much

Yours Sincerely

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Change of Address letter to the bank

Here is a sample change of address letter to the bank by the account holder


Date: 10 June 2013

To: The manager
Bank Name
Bank Address

Dear Sir,

Subject: Change of Address Account No. XXXXXXXXX
I wish to bring your kind notice, that I have already shifted my residence and the new address is as follows:

New Address:

In support of my change of address , the compy of my Telephone bill issued the (Provider Name) is attached herewith.

Submitted for your necessary action please.

Your Name
Account Holder

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter for Transfer of Funds On Account pending finalization

Here is a Letter Template for Transfer of Funds On Account pending finalization



Subject: Closure of current Account No. _________of [Organization Name]

Ref: Transfer of Funds

As per our mutual understanding, we have arranged for transfer a sum of Rs._____ (Rupees______ only) to your C/A No. ______ with Bank Name & Address.

Please note that this payment is being made "on account" only pending finalization of our account in respect of our transaction with M/s ( Concern Name)

Please Acknowledge.

Thanking you,
Yours truly


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Letter to the Bank for closure of Proprietorship Current Account

Here is a sample Letter to the Bank for closure of Proprietorship Current Account and reopen as Partnership Current Account


The Branch Manager
Bank Name

Subject: Closure of current Account No. _________of [Organization Name]

Dear Sir,

[Organization Name], a Proprietary has entered into partnership with [Mr. Name] with effect from [ Date] ; hence I would like to close the exiting the existing current account of [ organization Name] bearing the above account number so that a new account with revised constitution can be opened
Debit card & unused cheque leaves surrendered herewith.

Kindly do the needful,
Thanking you,
Yours truly

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Electronic funds transfer letter format

Here is a sample electronic funds transfer format




(Appearing on MICR cheques issued by the Bank)
(As appearing on the cheque book)

I do hereby declare that particulars given above are correct and complete.

(Signature of employee)

Certified that particulars furnished above are correct as per our Bank records.

(Signature of Bank official)

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Latest Job Releiving letter format

Here we see a latest simple relieving letter format


Dear [name]

With reference to your resignation letter dated on 13-May-09 we hereby accept your resignation and agree to relieve you from the duties on 31-May-09. We confirm that you have been working in our company from 03-Sep-05 to 31-May-09.

During your employment with us we found you to be hard working, diligent and honest in performing your duties.

The management would like to thank you for your service with the company and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Operation Manager.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

God holds Each of Us Text Messages

God holds Each of Us Text Messages,
God holds each of us by a string
When we sin, we cut D string
But God ties it up again,
making a knot.
Each time our wrongdoing
cuts D string,
God ties another knot
drawing us up
closer to Him.
- Meister Eckhart

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Song Lyrics SMS Text Messages

you deserve a great samples of Song Lyrics Text Messages .. Wish you like them

U grieve U learn
U choke U learn
U laugh U learn
U choose U learn
U pray U learn
U ask U learn
U live U learn
- Alanis Morissette


So 4give me love
If I cry in your shower
So 4give me love
4 D salt in your bed
So 4give me love
If I cry all afternoon
- Alanis Morissette


am here 2 remind U
Of D mess U left
when you went away
It's not fair 2 deny me
Of D cross I bear that U gave 2 me
U, U, U oughta know
- Alanis Morissette


We said goodbye
w so much left 2 say
We knew inside
we find another way
We have it all,
it's not 2 late 2 try
Maybe U & I could go from here
Maybe U & I can make it,
this time we'll...
Fall in love when we meet again
We can finish what we started
Fall in love if we try again
& then nothing will keep us apart
- Alanis Morissette

You Mean the World to Me Text Messages

Here we see a good collection of best SMS texts expressing your love and devotion.

You Mean the World to Me Text Message sample 1

u r my wunderkind
one of a kind
thoughtful friend
nearest & dearest
best of D best
just simply wonderful!

You Mean the World to Me Text Message sample 2

I love U so
so much, 2 much
much about life was about U
U meant D world to ME
I'm so lost now
without YOU
blow me a kiss

You Mean the World to Me Text Message sample 3

Thank U
4 giving D love that U give
selfless, devote & true
Thank U
4 letting me love U back
4 giving me a chance
to let U feel
how the world turns
and spins, when ur near me

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Condolences SMS Text examples

Wish to send an appropriate SMS to a grieving friend? Send a Comforting Text Message during this Time of Mourning and Sadness

Dear Friend
My condolences to you
and your family. I cannot
begin to imagine the depth
of ur pain. But I pray
u find comfort
in the words of the Lord

The LORD is good,
a refuge in times
of trouble. He cares
4 those who trust in him
Nahum 1:7


Dear Friend
I am very sorry
to hear about your loss.

We must embrace pain
& burn it as fuel
for our journey.
-Kenji Miyazawa


Dear Friend
These are trying times
please stay strong
and pray. I am here for U
if U ever need me.

Blessed are
those who mourn,
4 they will be comforted.
Matthew 5:4


Dear Friend
My condolences
From my heart I offer
words of comfort:

The LORD is my rock,
my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock,
in whom I take refuge.
He is my shield
and the horn
of my salvation,
my stronghold.
Psalm 18:2


I am in shock by the news.
My sincere condolences
& deepest sympathy
My prayers are with U
May God give u strength
at this time of grief
Be brave my friend


I am very sorry
to hear about ur loss,
My condolences to you
& your family
No words can make
a passing of a loved one
easy to understand,
But ur Friends r here
to help u if u need it.


no words can heal the pain
that U & ur family are going
thru this very moment
everything will change now,
but trust me when I say, my friend
that everything will turn out fine.
time can help u heal
May God watch over U
& give U comfort.


My heart goes out
to U & ur family
keep the memories
of ur loved one
inside ur heart,
cherished it
& never forget that you had such
a wonderful & beautiful person
in ur life who loved u
for who u are
i pray for ur peace
& comfort during
this difficult time.


No one can ever prepare
any of us for the loss
of our loved ones.
Ur strength is admirable
& will help ur family
find the courage they need
most right now.
Remember to allow yourself
to grieve, to weep, to accept
ur loss and over time
may u find the peace
and comfort u need most.

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Words of Encouragement Text Messages

When a friend is feeling rather down, sending an uplifting text message might be just the right thing.

Samples of Words of Encouragement Text Messages:

Uve got 2 shake
urself out of dat
VICTIM mentality
& start having
a VICTORY mentality
This is a new day.
Ur future can
start right now
It doesn't matter
what uve been thru
GOD wants to turn
all that around


The happiest of people
don't necessarily
have the best of everything;
they just make
the best of everything
that comes along their way


Be brave.
Take risks.
Nothing can
substitute experience
- Paulo Coelho

To My Special Someone SMS Text Message

SMS your significant other and remind that special someone of you love.

Accept the things
2 which fate binds U,
& love D people w whom
fate brings U 2gether,
but do so w all ur heart.
— Marcus Aurelius


Teach me how 2 not
miss someone U love so much
Each and every day is
painful whenever I reach out
for my mobile 2 talk 2 U
& realize... I can't reach


its better 2 lose your pride
w someone special
than lose ur someone special
over your useless pride


There is NO perfect man
or perfect woman
in the world,
only perfect LOVE
built together
by an imperfect man
& an imperfect woman.

Dealing with Anger SMS Text Messages

These SMS text messages are the best way cooling it off to resolve conflict and deal with anger.

Let it go
all that anger
inside U
will only eat U up
tear U apart,
tear US apart
we can talk
abt what matters most
and resolve this
like adults
hope u can make room
for LOVE and not
lose sight of US


Let your LOVE
be stronger
than your hate,
anger and hurt.
Learn the wisdom
of compromise for
it is better to bend
a little than to break
- H.G. Wells


Holding on to anger
is like grasping a hot coal
with the intent of throwing
it @ someone;
U R the one
who gets burned.
— Buddha


Darkness cannot drive
out darkness; only light
can do that. Hate cannot
drive out hate; only love
can do that.
— Martin Luther King Jr.


Forgive everyone
& everything.
Just forgive.

Marriage SMS Text Messages

A wonderful collection of SMS text messages on marriage, one can share during a wedding anniversary, happy marriage text messages, free romantic marriage text messages

A long-lasting,
happy marriage
is about loving ur partner,
listening to ur wife,
supporting ur best friend,
and knowing the mother
of your children
on the best & worst of days.


The bonds of matrimony
r like any other bonds
they mature slowly.
~Peter De Vries


A successful marriage
requires falling in love
many times, always with
the same person.


To the world
U might be one person,
but to one person
U might be the world.


marriage is sometimes
a bed of roses &
sometimes a crown of thorns
but marriage is not about
2 people giving 50/50,
it's about 2 people
giving 100% of themselves
all the time.


Marriage is a lifetime
opportunity to reciprocate love;
an eventful cycle of compromises
it becomes more meaningful
as we spawn little ones,
and age gracefully together,
to desire and truly love,
till the very end.

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Friendship SMS Text Messages

Value your friends, let them know you care and love them , send them some SMS text on friendship and love.

Friends R very rare jewels
They make U smile &
encourage U 2 succeed
They lend an ear,
they share a word of praise,
& they always want 2
open their hearts 2 us


Friends care abt U
whether ur boring,
wild, crazy, vain,
stupid, or full of shit
Friends r der 2 see U thru
know they r always there 4U
so cheer up, call me


Friendship makes prosperity
more shining & lessens
adversity by dividing
& sharing it.
— Cicero


5 rules 4 HAPPINESS:
let go of old baggage
worry less, fret not
love more, expect the best
always treasure those dear
live and let go of ur fears!


its nice 2 have a friend like U
making everyday feel super
Thank U my good friend
4 the company
4 the happy memories
lastly gd nite n sweet dreams
4 tomorrow is another great day w U


Many people will walk in & out
of ur life, but only true friends
will leave footprints in ur heart.
- Eleanor Roosevelt


Life is like taking photographs.
We often pose the way we wanna
be seen by the others.
But sometimes by taking
stolen shots they capture who we really are


A true friend is someone
who thinks that you r a good egg
even though he knows that
U R slightly cracked.
- Bernard Meltzer


The greatest value
of having good friends
is not what U get from them
but the better person
U become because of them.

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Love Thyself SMS Text Messages

Here we have Love Thyself  SMS Text Messages, Love sms txts, love yourself text messages, self confidence text messages

Loving yourself
is not selfish;
rather, it is not
loving yourself
that is selfish.
Loving urself
is the starting point
& the very foundation
of all human existence


Eventually U will come
2 understand that love
heals everything,
& love is all there is
- Gary Zukav

Scale of 1-10 SMS Text Message

Scale of 1-10 Text Message  to your boyfriend or girl friend, scale of 1-10 hotness, scale of 1-10 how much do you like me

On a scale of 1-10
U R the ff:
Pretty- 10
Hot - 10
Sexy - 10
Approachable -10
Sweet - 10
Friendly - 0
Bump up ur score
Txt me!
Lets b Friends!

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Get Well Soon SMS Text Message

Send an SMS text message to a sick friend or wish a loved one well from the hospital. The key is all about getting better from the illness, why not SMS some love on the way.

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 1
U got the flu?

Bird, SARs or Swine?
it doesn't matter
just one kiss from ME
and you'll be fine!
Cheer up love!

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 2
Heard u were down
with something again
some bug or flu,
wish u get better soon
take more vitamins,
get some sleep,
U deserve the beauty rest

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 3
If I cld be w U
Ill make u chicken soup
Feed U by the spoonfuls
watch over U
keep ur fever down
If I cld hug U now
Ill make sure
U get better...
Thinking of U always

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 4
Heres me wishin'
some Get-well
thoughts 2 U
Cant bear to think U sick
with somethin' bad
I miss U & I hope
U feel real better soon

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 5
Ur Health is one of
the most impt things
U shld not take 4granted
Take this time to recuperate
& free ur mind of worries;
U need to regain ur strength
w love and proper rest
Get well soon!

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 6
Heard ur in the hospital love
I know shots & syrups
& all these meds are
just hard to bear
Be brave, take everything
one step at a time
and before u know it
ull be fine!
miss U!

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 7
U have just received
a miraculous healing
text message. 2 feel
much better
Send reply now
& feel the effects
of my love.

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 8
2 keep D body
in good health
is a duty
otherwise we shall
not be able
2 keep our mind
strong and clear.
- Buddha

Get Well Soon SMS Text Message sample 9
2 insure good health:
eat lightly,
breathe deeply,
live moderately,
& maintain an
interest in life.
- William Londen

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Could You Be My Friend SMS Text Messages

Looking for  textmates by sending out text messages to random mobile numbers? Try these mobile pick-up lines :)

I have so much love
2 give but no one
2 give it to
Cld U B that special someone?
Text me, take a leap of faith
I won't bite, I promise


Destiny made me
text this number
we're meant 2B friends
it is written in the stars
take a chance w me
Send reply my sweet


I am looking 4 my soul mate
I know she's out there
hoping, waiting, wishing
Maybe its U
Text me!


Once a upon a time
A prince sent an SMS
to a secret stranger
who turned out 2B
his true love.
Fairytales DO come true
Let OURs begin!
Text me, can't wait
2 kiss my 1 true love


This not a scam,
nor a spam,
just an SMS
of wishful thinkin'
blindly believin'
in mobile miracles
B my friend
send reply


Ur number
is not hard 2 miss
but hard 2 resist,
i just gotta know
if ur the kind
who likes to make
texting friends
nuttin' wrong with that
good day! pls reply

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Text Messages about Rebellion and Angst

Is your friend feeling angsty? Is your son or daughter rebelling against you? Or are you just mad at the world? let everyone know how you feel with these SMS txt messages.

Rebellion is as the sin
of witchcraft, & stubbornness
like the crime of idolatry.
- 1 Samuel 15:23


If all is perfect &
sacred, therefore,
nothing can be wrong.
if nothing is wrong
with this moment,
how come it feels like
the Universe, God or whatever
you choose to call it/him/her
is punching me in the stomach
repeatedly ? where are the
great words of wisdom
& hope written by people
that were really going thru
a dark time? It will pass
u keep telling me,
thats just easy to say.


That was so out
of character of U!
definitely uncalled for
what's up w U?
why all the drama
& need 2 rebel 24/7
let me know
when u get ur head
straightened out

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Life & Love SMS Text Messages

Our life is like a box of text messages, you never know what you're gonna get! So share the love with these sample SMS text messages

Life is worth living
when love is shared best
2 those who want
& need it most
Good day, my friend!


There R 4 questions
of value in life.
What is sacred?
Of what is the spirit made?
What is worth living 4,
& what is worth dying for?
The answer to each
is the same. Only Love.
- Johnny Depp


I feel the love,
the joy, the abundance
of the Lord
make this morning
an opportunity 2 help
make a difference
in the lives
of the people
around us.


God, in His great love
4 us, did not withhold
anything from us


U can’t change the wind.
But U can adjust the sails
2 reach your destination.

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Food for Thought SMS Text Messages

Send and enjoy some nuggets of wisdom via sms text messages

Life's splendor
forever lies
in wait
about each 1 of us
in all its fullness,
but veiled from view,
deep down, invisible,
far off. It is there,
though, not hostile,
not reluctant, not deaf.
If U summon it by
the right word,
by its right name,
it will come.
- Franz Kafka


Maybe there
is no miracle
under heaven,
maybe the
miraculous events
are merely the way
things were, still are,
& always will be.


I realized the sun
doesn't go down.
It's just an illusion
caused by the world
spinning round.


Music, great music,
distends the spirit,
arouses profound emotions
& almost naturally
invites us 2 raise
our minds & hearts
to God.
-Pope B16


There is a great
difference between
worry & concern.
A worried person
sees a problem,
& a concerned person
solves a problem."
— Harold Stephens


Work spares us from
3 evils: boredom,
vice, & need.
- Voltaire


Jade must be chiseled
before it can be
considered a gem.

Good Blessings and Tidings Text Messages

It  is great to wish your friends lots of good tidings and an infinite amount of blessings to come their way through these wonderful sample SMS textmessages

May U have love
that never ends,
lots of money
& lots of friends.
Health be yours,
whatever U do
& may God send
many blessings 2U


Good health
& good sense
R 2 of life's
greatest blessings.
Wish U the Best my Friend!


All who humble
themselves b4 the Lord
shall be given every blessing
& shall have wonderful peace.
- Psalm 37:11


From the fullness
of His grace
we have all received
one blessing after another
- John. 1:16


U r in my thoughts
& prayers, may God grant U
endless blessings
4 a long, healthy,
peaceful life.


Certain bad luck
is actually a blessing
in disguise. So fear not
any failures or mistakes
that come ur way.
All U need is 2 believe
in urself! Good day!


4 2 many troubles,
der comes many blessings
in return. Stay strong
Persevere my friend!

Keep the Faith SMS Text Messages

Here , we have wonderful collection of " Keep the Faith"  SMS Text Messages. Send them to people who need your support.

Act in love.
Repay evil with good. Why?
Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21


Over a long distance,
U learn about the strength
of ur horse; over a long
period of time
u get to know
what's in a
person's heart.


we have angels
by our side
that we don't see
we are never
truly left alone
in our darkest hour.
Keep the faith!


Bad things happen
but so do miracles
so never give up!

Christmas SMS Text Messages for Family and Friends

Is it Christmas  time !! Send Wonderful , spirited Christmas SMS messages to relatives and friends!

Christmas SMS message Sample 1

Let the heart abound
with Christmas spirit
For the givers are as blessed
as the believers;
For what U give up
shall be worth greater rewards
For whatever U received
in kind or in love,
Be thankful;
Spread the love
& Enjoy the true meaning
of the season with
family & friends!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas SMS message Sample 2
Have a Merry Christmas
It's the best time of the year
lotsa presents, lotsa treats
from people near & dear
Hope all those who matter
are with you for the holidays!

Christmas SMS message Sample  3

Have a cup of cheer!
Whether its eggnog
or rootbeer for Xmas!
A kiss or a kringle for two
We deserve some time
That's Me & You

Christmas SMS message Sample 4
Every time we love,
every time we give,
it's Christmas.
- Dale Evans

Happy Holidays Love

Christmas SMS message Sample 5
Blessed is the biggest giver
of the season who truly
has a Christmas heart
For he has nothing to share
but his Christmas spirit
and has given everyone
a piece of his love

Christmas SMS message Sample 6
Christmas Gifts 4 the ones U  Love:
To ur Mother, pearls & a sweet kiss
To ur Father, a watch & a warm embrace
To ur Sister, a hug & Edward Cullen
wrapped under the Xmas tree;
To your brother, a pat on the back & an ipod
To ur special someone, your heart & soul. 
Merry Christmas! I want ur heart & soul!

Christmas SMS message Sample 7

Hope u got 2 open
ur present from ME
its nothing much
but its handmade,
especially wrapped for U!
That's how special U are!
I love you! Merry Xmas!

Christmas SMS message Sample 8
Remember this December,
that love weighs more than gold!
- Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon
Remember after December,
after all that Holiday binge
U might weigh more than gold!
Love yah! Merry Xmas!

Christmas SMS message Sample 9

Keep the Christmas Spirit
alive in ur heart
all year through
Happy Holidays!

Christmas SMS message Sample 10
May U & ur loved ones
discover the true meaning
of Xmas this Holiday Season.
Have a pleasant
Yuletide Season!

Wish you enjoyed these SMS messages , send them to your friends and relatives !!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thank You Letter to Friends and Relatives After Funeral

After the funeral , you have to thank all persons whether friends or relatives who support you during your calamity.

Dear Friends & Family,

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and sincerest appreciation to all our friends, colleagues and relatives who stood with us during our bereaved time.

We would like to thank you for the mass cards, flowers, material and spiritual assistance you gave us, these small gestures gave us strength to endure our loss. We will always treasure in our hearts your kind expression of sympathy.

We request everyone whose lives my brother touched to please remember him in your prayers.

Head of the Family
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Decline Letter to Bid on Client's Project

Here, we have a sample decline letter to show a refusal to bid on client's project

Sample Decline Letter to Bid

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to bid on the La Mesa Towers Interiors for your renovation project.

We are declining to bid at this time, however, because the laminated hardwoods you requested are no longer manufactured by our suppliers. As you may know, we only do custom work per unit.

If you have not yet made the final decision to purchase these stock items, we would like to offer you our new catalog of pristine Oakwood and Mahogany hardwoods. These are available in large quantities for the next quarter.

In any case, please have us on your list of bidders for any future needs.

Very truly yours,
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Letter Declining to Bid due to Supply and Schedule

How to politely decline an invitation to bid letter without burning any bridges with the client. Take a look on the following sample letter:

Sample letter to decline a bid due to supply and schedule

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bid on your requirements for the upcoming Relief Goods Charity.

We are not, however, submitting a bid at this time because we are unable to meet your supply demand and delivery schedules. At present, we are unable to supply the large amount of canned good products to the Bay Area.

We want to remain on your bid list and, perhaps on future quotations, to bid by product within these areas where we can supply.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Sara Thames
Marketing Specialist

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