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informal letter to friends and family

Samples of informal letters which are written in English. Wish it could help !! . You are advised to modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose

Example 1: Sample informal letter to friend

22, Green street
Pr5 4BB
20 July 2012

Dear Peter
My name is Andy and I am 9 years old. I live in Preston with my mum, dad and brother.

We have 2 cats. They are called Bubble and Squeak. Do you have any pets? Bubble likes to hunt. He is always bringing home birds and mice!

My favorite hobby is music. I play the piano and violin. I also like reading and films.

I hope you will write to me soon

Example 2: Sample informal letter to sister

Dear Mimi,
How are you my dear sister? I hope you are fine. Don't worry about me; I am very fine. I am now a very strong young man you know. How are those wonderful brothers of mine? Pass them my greetings.

I received you letter. Thanks a million for writing. The brothers and sisters in my congregation are fine. I am only sorry to heat that Br. Banda is still sick. I hope he will recover soon.

My journey back here was fine, though it was  quite a long one. I wanted to travel by CR bus but guess what; all the wretched buses wee full so I had no choice but to travel by a small Rosa bus. The journey took seven hours. \By the time we reached, my legs were tired and my bottom was severely sore, ugh! Next time, I promise , I'm not gonna use one of 'em tiny buses!

I am glad you have a new literature teacher. Work very hard Mariam, I know you can do it. Follow that plan I gave you and put your heart to it, You will be successful . I am glad you are Liberian. Did I tell you what that I am librarian to, eh?

Finally Mariam, I would like to wish you all the best in your studies and all your endeavors. Don't forget God. I love you and miss you; can't wait see you again..

Take care

P.S please reply

Example 3: Sample informal letter from Alice to his friends

22 Green Street
Phone 07 1021531

10 January 2013

Dear John and Ann
Thanks a lot for great weekend we really enjoyed ourselves
Bill and I were talking about holidays. We thought it might be nice to go camping in Scotland for a couple of weeks. Are you interested? Let me know if you are, and we can take about days

See you soon I hope. Thanks again


PS Did I leave a pair of jeans behind in my bedroom? if so, do you think you could send them on?

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  1. i love example 2
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  2. hi,need help please...How to reply this letter?she say how about going to the cinema tonight? There's a good horror film and sci-fi.which one do you prefer?what time?Reply soon

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  12. the examples were helpful. can u check one of my letters to???? correction???
    dear amy,
    thank you a lot for your last letter. it was a great surpriseto hear from you.i am sorry i havent written to you earler as i was just preparing for my exams.
    amy!!!!!!!!! do you know that are exams are finally over and holidays have arrived.i am exicted and now busy making plans about the your last letter you were asking about the plans i am sorry i havent came up with a plan yet.
    anyways inform me of your plans so that i can come up with a good plan write back soon.
    loads of love

    1. it's correct but with some spelling mistakes.

    2. such as 'excited' is misspelt as 'exicted'

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  20. how to write this letter? the title is : your friend who lives in another country has a weight problem . She is determined to lose weight . In her letter , she asked you for some advice on how to lose weight . Write a reply to her letter . Reply pls ! ^^

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