Thursday, July 11, 2013

Explanation Letter for Lack of Certificate of Employment

Here is an explanation letter why you are unable to provide a certificate of employment from a past employer or company. You have to modify this letter according to your purpose and situation

Dear Sir,

In line with your application requirements, I am unable to provide a certificate of employment for my work duration for Green Fields LLC which I was employed full-time ten years ago. The company has closed back in 2012 due to the economic recession and all administrative employees handling employee records have moved on to other companies. I have tried my best to contact any legal representative of the company, but to no avail.

What I can do is provide an attestation letter from a former supervisor who had worked at Green Fields LLC during the time I was employed. I hope this document would suffice.

Hoping for your consideration.

Thank you very much,
Sara J. Watson

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