Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inquiry Letter for Research Referral

A Sample Letter from a student asking a professor for Research assistance or a contact referral.

Dear Ms. Maria Danyial

I am applying for a Fulbright scholarship, and I am interested in doing research about child labor among the Hmong People in Laos and Myanmar. Can you recommend any Non-profit organizations with relevant data from any of these countries?

I would like to research more about human trafficking issues, with special attention to the stories of minors and women.

I would be grateful for any help or guidance you can give me.

Thanks so much for your time.

Sally Watson
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Request Letter for Transfer of Real Estate Unit

A request letter to a real estate developer asking for a transfer to a different unit after the deed of sale and other contracts have been met.

Dear Sir,

I'm Adam Welson and I bought one of your Oak Tower studio units through Cheng Robbins, a licensed real-estate broker from FastLane Realtors.

My fiance and I are interested in a ready-for-occupancy 2 bedroom unit in one of your Mayfair Towers project, we would like to ask if it is possible to get a transfer. We would like to exchange our newly-bought Oak Tower studio for a 2 bedroom unit at Mayfair. The deed of sale, contracts and other financial statements are available through our broker for your review.

At the time we bought the studio unit at Oak Towers, it really suited our lifestyle needs as a couple. But now we are expecting twins this June and we really need more space to accommodate our growing family. Also this new address is in close proximity to my fiance's office, the community daycare and hospital.

I am kindly hoping that you would consider our request or maybe even come into an arrangement under your terms. In any case, if you would allow us to move in to Mayfair Projects that would be lovely. Let me know when can discuss matters further I can be reached at 234-8941-5555 or I could have Cheng our broker arrange the meeting. Please let me know the soonest.

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Real Estate Sales Letter to Client: Computation of Floor Area

Here's a sample real estate proposal letter offering the sale of a condo unit. This is a good follow-up letter to a client after an event such as a mixer, product launch or gala.

Dear Mrs. Sara,

I'm so glad to have met you at last Monday's Real Estate Mixer. As promised, here is a brief sample computation of a one bedroom unit that we've talked about. Other charges such as registration fees, transfer tax, documentary fees, notarial fees and others are not yet included in this sample.

1 BR Flat Unit
Floor Area: 30 sq.m.
Total Selling Price: $1,500,000
Reservation: $10,000
10% Spot Downpayment: $500,000
10%, 6 months, $10,000
80% Balance: $600,000

Monthly Amortization through:
5 yrs. Bank Financing: $10,000
10 yrs. Bank Financing: $10,000

I hope this is useful for your decision making. As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, it is also my obligation to provide after-sales services to my clients.

Please send me a reply through this email or text at my mobile phone number below.

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Marketing and Sales Letter for Software and Technology Company

Sample marketing and sales letter for software and technology company, letter to other company, formal business letter:

Dear Sir,

I am very heartened to inform you that I have been researching about the technology profile of your organization and believe that there might be some synergy between our organizations to work together and for us to provide our backend support.

Media Shift LLC is a leading end-to-end custom application development and Web solutions provider, having an extensive experience in developing Web based and stand alone software and applications, varying from enterprise level application development for the organizations like Microsoft (We are Microsoft Gold certified partners 2008). Business applications and product development for mid market organizations across the globe. Developing websites and web applications for various small IT/Web Solutions companies across Europe , US Africa and Asia Pacific.

We would be happy to align ourselves to the following types of requirements from our clients:
• Web Applications Development
• Website Design
• Portals Development
• Website / Training Content Development
• Customized E-commerce Integration
• Website Maintenance
• Training & Consulting
• Implementations Consulting
• Remote Infrastructure Management Systems

We have now grown to accommodate more than seven hundred software development personnel (General qualification like Bachelors of Engineering, Masters Of Technology & Bachelors of Technology and Masters in Computer Applications and Bachelors in Computer Applications ) and in our drive to demonstrate the high standards to which we work, the facility became ISO 9001:2000.

We would be keen to explore the possibilities of working for your company to provide technology development services and your own extended teams working from our development centre to add value to your existing line of business.

I very much look forward to speak to you, please advice me a suitable time for a telecom to further understand the business model and milieu of the organization to replicate what we have already achieved for organizations like yourselves.

Warm Regards,
Adam Watson
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letter of encouragement, support and sympathy to a sick friend

Sample letter to friend consoling the sick and expressing support and concern during time of illness

Dear Sally,

I've known your mother since you were little and I know you don't remember my visits back then. But when you were very young, you used to let me be part of your garden tea party. I would sit with you for hours. As your mother went out for groceries, she would come back and still find us playing with your doll- Mathilde and her animal friends. I remember those afternoons clearly, you were 3 and a very happy child.

It has been years now and I know what you're going through is truly difficult. But your mother has always told me of her brave little girl with a good heart and strong spirit. I would love to visit you soon, maybe not for tea now, but for a cup of coffee. If you'll have me. We can talk more.

Abby, my sweet child, you are not alone, I'm here for you and your mother.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Romans 15:13

I'm bringing over some lemon pie and that new book series about teen vampires your mother told me you really like. See you soon.

All my Love,
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reply Letter to Personal advertisement

Seek love online with this sample letter, a casual way to say hello without sounding so desperate, but rather sexy.

Dear Ahmad,

My Name is Cynthia Edmonds. I am of average height and fair in complexion. I am a loving, romantic and caring angel. I am a Virgo. I came across your personals ad on and I really like your profile photo. You come off quite charming and cute. Hope we could be online pals.

I have something special I want to discuss with you, you may reach me at or skype Sara123xyz.

I will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about myself. Remember distance or color does not matter, but love matter's a lot. I will be waiting for your mail.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Paternity Leave Letter for Adoption of a Child

A sample paternity leave letter informing your employer that you are adopting a child overseas and legal matters involving adoption will require you to take a valid leave of absence.

Sample Paternity Leave Letter for Adoption of a Child

Dear Human Resources Manager,

This is to inform you of my intention to a 2 week paternity leave as of May 1st 2013, due to the official adoption date of our child.

I am leaving the country with my wife to complete the necessary documentation and representation needed in order to legally adopt our son from foster care in the Philippines. We are welcoming Nathan, a special needs child into our lives. The next few days are very important to my family. I intend to return on May 15, 2013.

Attached are documents finalizing our upcoming adoption day. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Kind Regards,
Maria Perkins
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Sample Letter of Intent - Letter of Intent Template

A generic Sample Letter of Intent for a variety of purposes. Please feel free to customize the letter accordingly with your needs.

May it be a Letter of Intent for an Application to a job or scholarship. Or a Letter of Intent for a Bidding or Contract, hope you find this useful as a letter template.

Sample Letter of Intent - Letter of Intent Template

Dear Sir,

This is to formally express my intent to file for [Insert Intention or Purpose] on [Date].

This is in line with your prior announcement on [Subject/Topic for Intent]

I would like to state the following reasons as part of my application:
• Reason 1
• Intention 2
• Purpose 3

Furthermore, I would like the opportunity to discuss this matter in person. I can be reached at 233-15071 or via email

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much

Dalia Kareem
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Letter Asking Favor to Answer Survey Form

Here we read a sample letter asking friend to fill out a survey form regarding a project

Hello Sally,

I am in the final stages of completing the line up for our fall fashion preview which we will go to press on Tuesday.

I would like to ask a small favor, if you could take a look at the collection and afterwards, fill out a short survey I have prepared about the collection. You know how much your opinion matters to me, I really value what you have to say.

The survey will be available sometime tonight. I will send you an email with instructions. I just need the survey back by 4pm tomorrow.

Let me know if you can, your feedback would be much appreciated. Please keep all missives and files confidential. The launch is next week at the Tent.

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Announcement Letter for Currently Undergoing Maintenance

A letter you can post on flyers outside the store in line with emergency repairs or unfortunate circumstances in the establishments.

Dear Valued Customer and Patrons,

Please be informed that our stores The Sauerkraut Deli and Yo Jimbos Coffeeshop are currently undergoing maintenance. Business will resume in a few hours.

For refunds on certain purchases, please call our hotline 1-800-1992

Thank you for your understanding.


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Thank You Letter and Invitation with Reminders to Guests Attending

A sample event letter with strict reminders to guests of what to wear and what not to bring to the party.

To All Members,

On behalf of everyone involved in "The Charity Benefit for the Homeless", we wish to express our sincerest thanks to the members of the Party league, the local press, officers of Norfolk and the eager public who joined us in the successful 20th Charity Marathon.

To the rest who will come and taste the best in Norfolk cuisine hosted by the Mayor's Charity Gala Night, we give the following reminder:

• The event is strictly Black Tie
• No Pets allowed
• No minors
• Guests must invite a dinner date

For further inquiries, please feel free to call at 355-26571. Please RSVP.

Thank you very much

Sara Watson
Event Planner
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Farewell letter to coworkers after being laid off

A sample letter extending help to coworkers who recently gotten laid-off or fired from the job.

Dear Co-Workers,

I am sorry to hear about what happened at Work Inc. To everyone who lost their jobs today and those who remain vigilant, yet terrified of their fate. I could only imagine the chorus of pounding hearts as memos are handed down, faces torn between bewilderment, shock and dismay. The recession has indeed rocked us all hard.

When I was working for Work Inc, the people at the marketing department were always top-notched, hardworking and optimistic. I have learned the ropes of the industry well from these fine colleagues that I'm so sad to hear of them let go.

Should anyone of you, my dear friends need any help with references or job leads. I am extending my help, though my field is now in the service industry. It is still an opportunity worth looking into. Please give me a call 222.046.159 or email me

The fall of Work Inc. may signal an end of an era, still it could possibly mean a new chapter, a new beginning in our lives.

Your friend,
Sara Roberts
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Letter to Build Business Relationship with Client

The following sample letter is sent to client to build a business relationship with him

Dear Adam,

Thank you for inviting me to attend the Tuesday's meeting to answer questions from your managers. Learning of AgriVet's corporate mission was interesting and informative. With the keen approach your company has taken the last quarter and your constant commitment to quality and value, AgriVet will certainly continue be one of the leaders in the industry. As a media strategist, to work with such a pioneering company is professionally very rewarding for me.

Now it is my intent to do everything possible to help Agrivet reach its long-term goals. As mentioned at the meeting, one way I can help is to arrange an overall assessment of your operations by our researchers and planners, and I’m proceeding with plans to do just that. I am meeting with our core team at North Bay to identify the key parameters in improving your facilities and protocols on a cost-efficient basis.

Please let me know when I can be of further help to you. I plan to continue to work closely with you and your managers on this project.

Sam Watson
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Letter to Help Establish Business in a Foreign Country

A letter offering help to a business colleague on starting a business venture in another region of the world.

Dear Adam,

I have just received a news from our branch office in Manila informing me of your intent to open an International Call Center in the Philippines. As I’m sure you realize, culture shock can be a problem for those employees transferring from the states. If there’s anything I or my staff can do personally to make the move into the Philippines easier for you, please don't hesitate to call me.

I am very familiar with doing business in Southeast Asia and my contacts in the region would prove invaluable at this time.

Please let me know when you arrive.

Best regards,
Sally Roberts

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Maternity Leave Letter Using Number of Remaining Sick Leaves

This sample maternity leave letter expresses the request of the employee to use her available sick days as part of her paid maternity leave.

Dear Supervisor,

I am requesting a maternity leave to commence approximately May 5 to May 30, 2012.

I would like to use my remaining number of available sick leaves (5 days) for that portion of the maternity leave that my doctor considers me disabled.

Please advised me the soonest as I am scheduled to undergo a B section anytime next week.

Hoping for your consideration.

Marry Roberts
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Letter to Students to Settle Tuition and Other Fees

Sample Letter to students reminding them to fulfill financial obligations to the university, and that late payments will deny them any release of certificates and grades.

Dear Student,

Please fulfill your remaining balance of $430 as of July 2013, tuition and other payments are to be made at the University's billing services department. I am not authorized to release your requested documents until you have acquired the proper clearance from the University Billing Office.

Registered students are responsible for keeping their accounts up to date and making payments on time. 

Thank you very much

Truly yours,
Miss Sara
Records and Registry Department
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Letter Seeking Renewal of Contract Before Expiry Date

Your business contract with a client is about to expire, why not send him a sample letter seeking the renewal of your agreement.

Dear Client,

I would like to remind you that our Memorandum of Agreement signed last year between Mekka Super Services and Avalon Transport Inc will expire on November 30, 2012.

You have contributed a great deal to our company's success, and I hope in some way we have added to yours. Would you consider the possibility of a new arrangement for the year 2013? I look forward to continuing the relationship we have established by renewing our contracts before the year ends.

Thank you for the business you have given Mekka Super Services. We truly enjoy working with Avalon Transport as much as we have over the years.

Truly yours,
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Holiday Message to Customers

Let your clients and top consumers know that they are on the list to thank for this very important holiday- the Christmas season.

Dear Florence,

It’s that time of year again. Fudge fills your refrigerator. Wrapping paper stands in the corner. Your teeth are permanently coated with cider and peppermint. They are all a welcome relief from the routine. 

Here at Jama_indust Inc, you’re on our list of favorite people. This past year, we’ve enjoyed giving you the best of our products and we hope that our exceptional customer service and product quality have met your expectations.

Best wishes this holiday season from us at Jama_indust Inc. Makers of Quality Organic ButterMilk and Soya Juices.

Truly yours,
Sara Wandy
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Letter to Conference Attendees with Travel Reminders

If  you are working as an organizing committee member of a conference and you are required to send a letter to conference attendees with travel reminders, this letter may be useful for you.

Hello Everyone,

For our itinerary for the 3 day conference in London. Please do note the following:

1) The March 15 gala is a black tie affair. Men are requested to be in suit, the ladies in cocktail dress.

2) Food to be served during our stay will be white and red meats for main courses. Please e-mail me if you require a specific diet- if you are lactose intolerant or diabetic or a strict vegetarian. We will arrange your preferred cuisine for you. 

3) For the Eco-Palisades tour, please wear comfortable clothes. It's very humid in London right now.

See you all at the airport!

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Sales Letter Offering New Products on Retail

Approach regular store client with this sample sales letter offering them your latest products:

Hello Mr Adam,

Good day to you!

I'd like to share with you our special product offerings for the month of October. We have the following items available on retail at our North Bay branches:

Our Leather series
• Peacock Clutch
• Pearl Moss Handbag
• Faux Crocodile skin Tote

The line is exclusively design by fashion maverick Marciano Sal for the House of Eve bag collection.

Please do share his news with your friends and family. The leather series is perfect for those who want to something elegant and unique in their wardrobe.

For more information, please call or email me:
Rochester Kerns

Thank you very much

Truly yours,
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Leave Letter Due to Bad weather

It is time for very bad weather , you couldn't move to work due to storm and flood damage to house.. The following letter is suitable for this situation:

Dear Ma'am Maria,

I am writing to you with utmost urgency to request for an employee leave effective October 10, 2012. Due to the floods that have affected our homes. I must take a week off work to personally supervise the repairs and cleaning of our house. 

Our home was badly damaged during the storm, and we were not spared any personal effects, money or items of value. So our family must come together and do all these repairs ourselves.

I hope you understand our situation. I will be returning to work the following Monday.

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Out of Office Notice for Vacation Leave

If you intend to take a vacation, you should inform your clients to communicate with other colleagues by leaving a notice out of office for vacation leave

Dear Everyone,

I will be out of the office starting 8 February 2013 and will not return until
10 March 2013.

For document processing concerns please contact Guada Lajara (222-7980)and for office concerns please contact Jam Mayo (222-1133)

For any other concerns, please contact Arthur Tibbit or you can contact our Helpdesk at local 12.

I will respond to your messages when I return. Please kindly tag confidential
messages as such.

Thank you

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Example thank you letter to sponsor

Sample thank you letter to sponsor for supporting an educational  program in the school.

Dear Priscilla Rose

On behalf of Children's Catholic Charities, I would like to thank you for supporting our Sponsor-A-Child-to-School programme . This year we were able to enroll over 200 children in 10 struggling communities affected by the floods in Santa Cruz. We were also able to provide free school supplies and uniforms for the children.

We could have not achieve this humanitarian feat without your unwavering support.

In line with this, we will be doing several follow-up outreach trips to these schools in the next month, should you like to come and join us to meet the children for a little gift giving celebration, please let us know. We would be delighted to have you onboard so you can personally witness the changes taking effect in the community of Santa Cruz.

You may call Stella at 222-4444 for any info on our volunteer group or you may drop off your regular contributions at our charity offices. Your donations, cash and in kind, has done so much and will certainly go a long way.

We look forward to seeing you at our next engagement at the community center.

Very Truly Yours,
Sister Katherine
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you letter to Sponsor

Sample thank  you letter template to a sponsor for supporting an event. You have to modify this letter according to your purpose and information

Month Day, Year

{First Name} {Last Name}
Company Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Dear Title( Mr/ Ms/ Mrs) Last Name

We would to thank you very much  for agreeing to be a sponsor of this year's ABC Benefit to be held on …….date…… at ……location……

Securing sponsors for this important fundraiser is especially important to us this year, as we face the tremendous challenges of this economic crisis. Your support of $.......... is a great vote of confidence in our mission. As a sponsor, you will surely receive thanks and appreciation in the event program and will also be entitled to three tickets for the event. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support.

Best regards,
{Your Signature Here}
{Typed Name of Signer}
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Recommendation Letter for Fellowship Program

Here is a sample Recommendation Letter requested by a student from his professor, to be used as part of application to a Fellowship Program or Master Degree. Recommendation Letters are hard to come by and this sample is very detailed in highlighting the strong points of the individual.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am proud to recommend Maria Roberts to your fellowship program. I was asked to make a recommendation on behalf of being the Program Director who has worked with Maria on several grassroots campaigns while he was studying at Michigan Tech University.

Maria has the zeal and commitment in pursuing social advocacies, a very rare passion for community welfare that I hardly see among students his age. He came into one of my classes on Public Policy with the eagerness and willingness to learn. He is very dynamic, resourceful and energetic. The campaign work he has done has been very beneficial to the Sanford Homeless community, much of the tasks at that shelter can both be physically and emotionally demanding. But Maria persevered and equally pursued social programs that would increase the quality of life of people at the Sanford Center.

Having seen him then, 2008, to now, 2012, I can only commend him on how he continues to mature as a professional and a young emerging leader in the field of Public Policy in the Michigan area. I assure your institution that Maria deserves an opportunity to be part of this fellowship.

Always, in his work, Maria is consistent in achieving target goals mandated for his core team. In 2011, he was in charged in distributing community and welfare aid during the onslaught of Hurricane Jones, Maria was one of the first on the scene, hands-on in managing relief efforts and evenly composed in the face of policy pressure from City Hall. I highly recommend him Maria for his passion, intellect and spirit for this fellowship programme. At our institution, we are expecting big things from Maria and his altruistic endeavors.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive young man.

Professor Michel Adams
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Letter of Intent for Actors Prior to Film Production

A Letter of Intent can serve as an initial agreement prior to any contract or long term commitment to a project.

Letter of Intent to Avatar Film Productions

In response to your recent inquiry, this will serve as a "Letter of Intent" of "Commitment of Principle" with respect to my possible participation in you project, a feature film entitled "Geriatric Zombie Town" to be shot on location in Ecuador and Kuala LumpurMalaysia at a production date to be determine by principle photography of 6 weeks duration.

Subject to all terms and conditions being satisfactory to all those concerned, subject to my availability and freedom from other professional commitments at that time and subject to my approval of the final screenplay draft, the cast and director or approval thereof by my legal representative.

This letter does not in any way, shape or form commit the undersigned or his agents, whosoever, in participation of your film. Unless and until a formal contract, drawn by and between the undersigned on one hand, and your duly authorized representative on the other, said contract to be executed under the existing rules and regulations of the guild under the time of signing.

Truly Yours,
Maria  Wandy
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Rejection Letter for Submissions

Dear Mr. Adam:

Last July our Grant Committee on Millenium Development Goals held its final meeting of the season and had a chance to discuss your project entitled 'Apathy for the Dying' a documentary on religious rites.

After careful consideration of over 2500 submissions, I regret to inform you that your project has not made the final rounds of selection.

Due to our limited funding, we are only able to accept a total of 20 projects for the following season. Nevertheless, we are thankful for your expression of interest and we still look forward to possible applications from you in the future.

Sally Watson

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Request Letter to Customer to Issue Correct information

The customer has sent to you cheque of incomplete information. You have to ask him again to send correct name and check payments

Dear Mr. Sami,

Thank you for issuing the cheque for the Omega Project last December 10, 2012. Though the cheque's release was timely, our business name on the check was incomplete and has caused us delay in clearing it with your bank. 

I would like to kindly remind you of your bank's policy that they only accept cheque's issued under the full registered business name. To further avoid such incidents in the future, would you please be so kind to write the correct name of our company: Lucky Seven Dragon Balls Trading and General Merchandise in full on the check.

The future holds great promise for both our companies. As 2013 approaches, let us streamline our operations and be more organized in our pursuits for the best is yet to be.

Adam Roberts
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