Thursday, May 22, 2014

Congratulations letter for promotion

Send a congratulations letter to your friend or coworker who has received promotion telling that you are very pleased for him or her .

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I just wanted to offer you my congratulations on that great promotion you just received. I know how hard you've been working and how deserving you are of this recognition.

It's so nice when our hard work is justly rewarded. I'm very happy for you and hope that you'll be doing something fun to celebrate this special occasion. Enjoy your work as . 

yours truly,
Jack M. Watson

Sample letter of congratulations on engagement

This is a letter example to send your congratulations to your friend or coworker on his/her engagement. Wish it help you !!

Dear [name and name],

Congratulations on your engagement! After [time passed] years as a couple that I admire, I'm glad to see you guys finally tie the knot and settle down. I promise to be at the wedding. Thanks for inviting me at this truly wonderful event!

See you guys soon!

[your name]

Sample condolence letter on death of father

Sample condolence letter – know how to write a condolence letter on death of father or mother to your friend or coworker

Dear Mr. Dany,

I would like to express my sincere condolences on the recent passing of your father. My family also send their thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time.

Although I didn't know your dad that well, on the half dozen or so occasions that I spent time in his company over the years, I did come to realize his great kindness and compassion towards those less fortunate than him. And I do know that he was very highly respected throughout this community and profession, and his good works changed the lives of many.

You were truly fortunate to have such a man as a model in your life. As you know, it was not that long ago that my own father passed away, so I have some idea of what you and your family are going through. No comfort is quite enough to replace the loss.
Please pass my deepest sympathies on to your mother, and brother, and sister, and to all of your father's grandchildren.

Very sincerely,
Mark S. Hamilton

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Sample marketing letter to introduce new product

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Food has always been my passion. After a stint in a commissary that produces pastries for a popular coffee chain, I decided to fire up my oven and invest in my own pastry business. My pastries come in a variety of delectable flavors - chocolate, mocha, vanilla-pecan, cheese and banana.

I like to add a little artistry to my baked goodies, they are a combination of the culinary and visual arts. My company [Company name] has basically grew from word-of-mouth advertising, most of my customers are moms with kids and school cafeterias. I also do big orders for weddings, company functions and birthday parties.

This coming Monday market at the [place], my pastries will be on sale at booth #12. Hope you can come and have a taste test of my delicious treats. If you are interested to place a big order, you may call me at [phone number]. I can prepare the pastry boxes two days ahead of time.

Jack M. Watson

Request letter to avoid foreclosure on your Home

This is a request letter example to lender in order to avoid foreclosure on home. If you wish to use this format, please do the required modifications on this letter according to your purpose.

Dear Lender,

I receive your notice last [date] and the current rate is too high and with the recent financial climate, I am unfortunately unable to make payments for my house this quarter.

I would like to avail of another arrangement as soon as possible as I would like to avoid having a foreclosure on my property by all means. I would like to consider other options available maybe perhaps a revised repayment plan that you could recommend? All I am asking is a readjustment.

I hope you could kindly consider my request.

Thank you very much,
Adam J. Roberts

Authorization letter format for birth certificate

Sometimes we need an authorization letter for birth certificate in order to complete immigration process or other procedures . Here we have a simple and good example!!

To Whom It May Concern,

I, [name], do hereby authorize my son [name] to request a copy of my Birth Certificate. I have been living abroad for 25 years, and I would need an original copy of Birth Certificate to complete my immigration process here in [place].

Attached with this letter is a photocopy of my passport. Please kindly extend any assistance to my son on this matter.

Thank you very much

Respectfully yours,
[Your Name]

Sample letter asking for a loan

Here is  a sample letter asking a loan from someone you know .You have to customize this request letter to be suitable for your purpose.

Dear Mr. John,

I have been really hit hard by the current recession, its quite unfortunate of me to lose my jobs at this time. I'm in a rough patch as of late, and I'm unable to meet the house rent this month and other bills. Some of which demand settlement or else I would have to face being sued.

I hope as my [relation], if could you loan me a considerable amount of [amount]? I know its quite a large sum and it might take me several payments to settle my loan with you. I just want to pull my family through this next few months.

Please let me know the soonest if you can help us. We appreciate any help you can offer us.

Thanks! Much love,
Jack Anderson

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank you letter to boss for holiday bonus

Have you got a holiday bonus from your company ! would you like to write a thank you letter to boss ! Here is a simple letter example to help you

Dear Mr. John,

There is so much to be thankful for this new year and the Bonus I received today is such a kind gesture from the company. I'm glad that you have taken note of my performance, I feel very much part of the company. It means a lot to me to know I have done my job well.

Jack Anderson

Thank you letter to boss for approval of transfer

Here is  a perfect letter to express gratitude and say thank you to boss for approval of transfer. You have to modify this letter to be suitable for your need.

Dear Mr. John,

Greetings from [place]! I hope you are well. How are things with the department? I hope they are delivering their reports on target. I would just like to thank you for considering my request, I know it was a difficult decision on your part and from a manager's standpoint to have me out here instead at the Main Depot.

I didn't have enough time back then to personally thank you for approving my job transfer. But I would like you to know that I am truly grateful. Its been very sunny out here lately, and I'm glad to be working close to my family. But I do miss the office cafe around the corner.

If you ever get to visit our area, on duty or off-work, please do give me a call. It would be my honor to invite you for dinner.

Jack Anderson
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Sponsor thank you letter with a gift

Have you ever written a thank you letter to sponsor ? This is a great example to learn how to say thanks for sponsorship. You have to modify the letter according to your purpose.

First Name Last Name
Company Name
Address line

Date line


For over____ years, the name Company name has been synonymous with __ and ____. Year after year, Company name hosts successful events that are unsurpassed in their level of excitement and creativity. This past May 2013 marked Company Name's most ambitious event ever and we are proud to say that this has been our best year yet. The partnership of a tireless event team and generous sponsors truly made this year's event astonishing for our guests.

We are writing today to thank you for being a partner and Sponsor for our May event ( or insert event name) .We are proud to partner with Sponsor name and we look forward to continuing to build a valuable and mutually beneficial relationship. As a result of your munificent sponsorship of ______, we exceeded our fundraising target of ______ enabling us to raise over _______ for (insert charity name of other event goal) . We could not have had this target success without Sponsors such as (Sponsor name)  .

It is our sincere hope that you will join us again in 2014 when we create an even bigger and better event in support of (insert charity name). As a token of your appreciation for your generous partnership, I have enclosed a gift on behalf of the (Company Name) event team.

Thank you once again.

First Name Last Name

Company Name, City
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Thank you letter to sponsor sample

Are you looking for a letter format to thank a sponsor !? Here is a good example but you have to customize this letter to be suitable for your purpose.

Dear Mr. John,

On behalf of [name], I would like to thank you for supporting our [name of programme ] programme . In line with this, we will be doing several follow-up events in the next month, should you like to come and join us to meet the team for a little gift giving celebration, please let us know.

We would be pleased to have you on-board so you can personally witness the changes taking effect in the community of [name]. You may call me at [phone number] for any info on our volunteer group or you may drop off your regular contributions at our offices. We look forward to seeing you at our next engagement at the community center.

Very Truly Yours,
Jack Anderson

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Thank you note for the gift

This is a simple example of  thank you note for the gift. You have to modify the letter according to your purpose. 

Dear Mr. Watson,

I would like to thank you for the gift last night. Imagine, my surprise when I opened the present waiting for me at home. I think the [insert item] was very lovely. Had I known earlier you were coming over, I would have been thrilled to receive the gift personally. Just the same, I appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort you put into finding me a wonderful present. Hope you had the best holiday ever!

Thanks again!

Your Sincerely,
Antony Roberts

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Thank you letter to client for gift

Here we see a thank you letter to client for gift. You have to modify this letter to be suitable for your need.

Dear Mr. Kamel,

Thank you for being one of our best customers. We’re sending you a little present for as a token of our gratitude. We think our gift is perfect for someone like you who appreciates the value of quality service. It is our small way of saying thank you for your business through the years.

Your Sincerely,
Jack Anderson

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Sample Thank You Letter for Uniform Design

Here is a sample thank you letter for uniform design. You have to customize this thank you letter to be suitable for your purpose.

Dear Mr. John,

All of the female flight attendants with Atlantic International Airlines have asked that I write this letter to thank you for their new, Bill Blass designed uniforms.

They all agree that this new design allows freer movement, is more comfortable, and is absolutely "smashing". Therefore, on behalf of all of your flight attendants, thank you for having such good taste!

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,
Jack Anderson

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Thank You Letter for Submission and Request for Revision

This is a good example of  thank you letter for submission and request for revision. You have to modify the letter according to your purpose.

Dear Mr. Mark,

The speech that you submitted to me for presentation at [name] retirement party is very great with one minor exception. Inasmuch as Adam is somewhat sensitive about his age, I feel that it would be inappropriate to make any reference to this fact.

I would appreciate it if you would delete those sections in Paragraphs 4 and 5 which specifically comment about his age and/or employ the words "golden years", and find a suitable substitution. Once again, the speech is very well written.

Your Sincerely,
Jack Anderson

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Thank you letter for donation

Here is a perfect example of donation thank you letter. You have to customize this thank you letter to be suitable for your purpose. 

Dear Mr. Mark,

Thanks to you, the Children's Paradise Residential Services is successfully providing residential facilities, clothes, stationary equipments, Laptops and other needful things to poor and orphan children. We are happy to see your volunteer participation in such social responsibility.

We work for the education and empowerment of poor and uneducated children through our association. These children are the victims of crisis in their lives or natural disasters. These children are often neglected for the basic needs and education. Hence, we try to provide them for what they deserve.

You contribution to this work will definitely encourage other people and our association too. We arranged residential facilities for about 250 orphan children last year, and arranged for teachers for their education. Our residential have enough facilities to educate and feed these orphans.

It was a great achievement for us when one of the children from our residence got selected as the National Scholar Student. You are invited by our association to visit our residential site and met our staff of 40 volunteers and children.

We will be pleased by your visit and it will be inspiring to us to see your satisfaction. Please let us know when you will be available for this tour. We'll provide you all the details of programs and campaigns organized by our association for children. Our quarterly newsletters and emails will be sent to you regularly.

Thanks to you again, for you kind support for our association.

Your Sincerely,
Jack Anderson
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Sample thank you letter for acceptance

Here we will see a sample thank you letter for acceptance template. You have to change this letter to be suitable for your need.

Dear Mr. Mark,

I am extremely happy to see that you have accepted our offer for delivering a seminar about career management and new avenues for career in our school. I appreciate your acceptance of this offer and taking tie from your busy schedule. I will meet you on Thursday, 15 February, 10.40 a.m. at your office to discuss program details. It will be an important seminar for the students who are going to find different career paths after their education.

As of now, you are working in a renowned organization on the manager's position. Hence, your experience and knowledge will definitely help the students in successful planning of their career. Our students are excited to learn lessons from you before they start their professional life where they will have to go through many competitions. Your valuable guidance will definitely help them to become successful in these situations.

I am sure that we will be able to arrange all the facilities to make this seminar successful. We will try to encourage more students to participate in this seminar, and make this program a remarkable event for both of us.

Again, thanks to you for accepting the invitation. Please feel free to call me if you want additional information about the program.

Jack Anderson 
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Thank you for appreciation letter sample

This is a good example of  thank you letter replying to someone who send you an appreciation letter. You have to modify the letter according to your purpose.

Dear Mr. Alex,

I would like to mention my heartfelt thank you for your kind support and the appreciation letter you sent for our "Save Environment Campaign". We are very much pleased and encouraged by your appreciation letter.

We are working for last four years to make people aware about environment protection. We also encourage people to use non-pollutant products or products that do not damage natural resources. Our " Environment Safety Campaign" has been effectively running throughout the state, and we are planning to spread this program across national level.

To serve this purpose, we just want people with a wish to work for nature's preservation and protection. People who are voluntarily ready to participate in our programs and people who can contribute their moral support to our fight will be definitely inspiring for all of us.

We are happy to invite you for our next campaign at Town Hall on [date] when all other leading organizations and supporters will gather to share their ideas about environmental problems and their solutions.

Your presence will be an honor for our program, and it will give a message from both government and environmentalists. Thank you once again to appreciate our campaign. We look forward hearing from you government's participation in this program.

Adam Hamilton

Thank you for choosing our services letter

Here is a sample thank you letter to customer or client for choosing your services. You have to modify the letter according to your purpose.

Dear Mr. Alex,

We would like to thank you very much for choosing our services for your delivery needs. Without you, our loyal customer, our service wouldn't be number one in the [industry name] industry.

It is our commitment to provide you with the best and reliable 24-hour service. We guarantee your satisfaction and money's worth on every transaction made with us. Each service will be carried out safely, securely and on-time.

To help you know more about our services and what you can expect from our staff, please refer to our company website

Again, I thank you for choosing [company name] for your [need] needs, we always look forward to serve you.

Adam Hamilton
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