Wednesday, March 6, 2013

statement of purpose letter for university

Since childhood, I have had a very strong desire for learning everything new. This became a habit of life for me and affected my point of view a lot towards learning as not being just a routine. 

This habit encouraged me to continually upgrade my academic capabilities. In this regard, getting the master degree is nothing more than one step on my future plan of self-development.   

When I was at secondary school, it was the first time I had learned about computer. So, I was very interested in learning so much about computers. My fondness of this science motivated me to join the department of computer and electrical engineering at Islamic University of Gaza to fulfill my desire. But during my study, some subjects like internet technology and computer networks attracted my interest. My graduation project was simulations of some cases of computer networks using OPNET. Furthermore, after the completion of my study at the university, I enrolled in Governmental Computer Center and gained CCNA. This step kindled my interest to pursue my education and acquire a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in a major of computer networks.  

"Computer Networks" field is not a random choice. It is a result of profound and long thinking about which field would be the most convenient to my interests, my background, and local society needs. As a developing country, Palestine is in an urgent need for all specialists in almost all majors to lead the building process. Therefore, getting a master in this field will give me the opportunity to lead several scientific researches  that will hopefully contribute to this area of technology.

On the other hand, getting a master from another country will boost my cultural experience. As a representative of Palestine, I gained a great experience through my participation in "Reach Out" project which was a regional cultural project organized by British council. It granted me the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and made me thirsty to know about other cultures.    

Finally, I have a strong faith that getting master in this major will be a great benefit for me as it will definitely help in raising my academic background and enhancing my characteristic. It will also be advantageous for the local technological society as it will form an addition to the modern sciences that started to find its way here.

Upon the completion of my master degree, my plan is to go back to Palestine to work as a tutor in the university in the field of network.  It is worth of mention that the universities and the colleges in Palestine are suffering from the scarcity of academic staff the field of IT in general and computer network in particular.  Being as a tutor in the university will help to approach the local community and to build a coherent network with the IT institutions. 

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