Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cover Letter for Licensed Practical Nurse

A good sample cover letter for a Practical Nurse, Charge Nurse, Also good for a Licensed Practical Nurse for Private Practice and Licensed Vocational nurse (LVN)

Dear Sir,

I am Maria Baum, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) since 2005 and I am currently looking for work in Montreal. I am also attending college for my full RN degree.
Most of my experience is in sub-acute, hospice and long term care. Though a hospice facility may prove to be a stabilize environment than most, I also have 4 years experience in fast-paced critical care as part of the surgical trauma unit in Bayview hospital. My spot-on problem solving and decision making skills are a direct result of my ICU and trauma training.
I am competent in delivering patient assessments, evaluating data and administering proper medication, all that is necessary in efficient patient care. I can work independently and I am very reliable. I am also skilled with computers and I am familiar with the current system of Electronic Medical Records that handle lab work data and patient assessments files.
Please consider my credentials and experience in your search for a Licensed Practical Nurse for Oakwood Care Facilties. My schedule for July is quite open and I am available for an interview. Please call me or email me at 222-765-907.
Thank you very much for your time.

Maria Baum

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