Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cover Letter for Pharmaceutical Sales Medical Representative

Sample cover letter for  pharmaceutical sales medical representative, pharmaceutical sales position . You should modify this cover letter according to your experience and qualifications.

Dear Ms. Maria,

I have learned from our career counselor, Mrs. Albridge that you will be recruiting Medical Representatives for BioChem Labs at the University campus this summer. I would like to introduce myself to you ahead of the screening process in order to optimize your time when you visit the university.

I am Adma M Smith, I am a pharmacology major graduating this year. I am also a sales intern for VetriMeds, a company that specializes in canine vitamins and supplements. I’ve been successful in selling their brands to various veterinary and animal clinics in the North area. While pursuing my degree, working for VetriMeds has prepared me well for bigger challenges and has given me solid experience as a medical sales representative. Therefore, I am confident that I can market and promote the Biochem brands effectively. 

I’d like to suggest an initial webcam interview via Skype as a way to acquaint you of my skills prior to meeting me on recruitment day on campus. Please email me at ASmith 11@yahoo.com, my skype user name is ASmith11.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Adma M Smith

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