Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher resignation letter to parents template

Are you working as a teacher !!! Would you intend to resign from your school . Here,  you find out a sample letter from some teacher to parents of his student explaining her resignation. You are advised to modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose, reasons and situation.

Dear Parents,

I have recently turned in my resignation at the school. I will miss your kids very much as they are very likeable, well-mannered students.

I would like to dispel rumors that I have been suspended from teaching due to unfavorable reasons. This is very much untrue. I have resigned from my post and given up tenure to relocate to XYZ , as my husband has been promoted and been given a supervisory role in his company. I have been teaching at ABC' for many years and this was a very tough decision on my part. But as you all know, there comes a point when family becomes our first and utmost priority.

Be rest assured, your children will be in good hands and in the care of a new excellent teacher, Miss Ashly. She is an outstanding educator in our faculty and more importantly, she is also known in the community as a loving mother to two kids.

As I reflect on my years of teaching, I would like to thank you all dear parents, faculty and staff of ABC' for being supportive and caring. You have made my stay a precious experience and certainly, a most fruitful journey.

Teacher Mary
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