Monday, June 10, 2013

Could You Be My Friend SMS Text Messages

Looking for  textmates by sending out text messages to random mobile numbers? Try these mobile pick-up lines :)

I have so much love
2 give but no one
2 give it to
Cld U B that special someone?
Text me, take a leap of faith
I won't bite, I promise


Destiny made me
text this number
we're meant 2B friends
it is written in the stars
take a chance w me
Send reply my sweet


I am looking 4 my soul mate
I know she's out there
hoping, waiting, wishing
Maybe its U
Text me!


Once a upon a time
A prince sent an SMS
to a secret stranger
who turned out 2B
his true love.
Fairytales DO come true
Let OURs begin!
Text me, can't wait
2 kiss my 1 true love


This not a scam,
nor a spam,
just an SMS
of wishful thinkin'
blindly believin'
in mobile miracles
B my friend
send reply


Ur number
is not hard 2 miss
but hard 2 resist,
i just gotta know
if ur the kind
who likes to make
texting friends
nuttin' wrong with that
good day! pls reply

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