Saturday, June 1, 2013

letter to the client for delay in project

Dear Client,

There has been a delay in the manufacturing of the bottled beverages. This incident is most unfortunate, but please be assured that we are considering all possible solutions on the matter.

Our local Quality Control team needs more time to create the design specifications on these specialized bottles, this is in order to create the approved die-cut shape of the labels. Producing the required quantity will take another three days and this would mostly likely affect your shipment schedules. But if the supplier from North Ridge delivers the first prints from last week, we can do the first batch of shipments to all priority target areas by tomorrow. I am currently awaiting news from them.

Please advise all your departments accordingly, we would like to turn this situation around as soon as possible.

I will personally get back to you at 4 pm for updates.

Product Coordinator
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