Monday, June 10, 2013

Marriage SMS Text Messages

A wonderful collection of SMS text messages on marriage, one can share during a wedding anniversary, happy marriage text messages, free romantic marriage text messages

A long-lasting,
happy marriage
is about loving ur partner,
listening to ur wife,
supporting ur best friend,
and knowing the mother
of your children
on the best & worst of days.


The bonds of matrimony
r like any other bonds
they mature slowly.
~Peter De Vries


A successful marriage
requires falling in love
many times, always with
the same person.


To the world
U might be one person,
but to one person
U might be the world.


marriage is sometimes
a bed of roses &
sometimes a crown of thorns
but marriage is not about
2 people giving 50/50,
it's about 2 people
giving 100% of themselves
all the time.


Marriage is a lifetime
opportunity to reciprocate love;
an eventful cycle of compromises
it becomes more meaningful
as we spawn little ones,
and age gracefully together,
to desire and truly love,
till the very end.

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