Sunday, June 2, 2013

Request Letter Asking Medical Treatment for Prisoner in Custody

An appeal letter seeking medical treatment for a prisoner in detention in a foreign land.You should modify and customize this letter to be suitable for your need situation.

Dear Honorable General Jun,

I write to you out of deep concern for the current state of health of my brother Eustice Hooper who was recently imprisoned in your country. I am aware that the laws of your country are far different from ours and I sincerely respect that. I will not argue that my brother has a history of crime as a sex offender. He shall face charges as mandated by law and undergo trial upon his extradition back in the United States. Though the process might take a few months, my brother's health has suffered in the confines of the local prison.

I have been informed that he is suffering from Malaria and urgently needs to be transferred to a hospital for immediate attention. I have contacted our local embassy and they would be pleased to hear from you. We are asking that you kindly allow a medical doctor to see him. By saving his life, he can serve time for his punishment and justice can be serve to those he has harmed.

I and all here who share my concern would be gratified by a reply from you as soon as possible. We want you to know that our concern for the basic rights of humans is not of a political nature, but of familial concern.

Thank you for your time on this important and urgent matter.

Respectfully yours,
Dennis Hooper
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