Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thank You Contract Letter for Purchase

What's the best way to follow-up on a quotation and push the client towards signing the business agreement? Just remind the client of his needs and the sense of urgency involved in acquiring the service or product. It also pays to thank the customer for the sale.

Dear Customer,

We’re very excited that you’ve chosen FlyerOne Tours to meet your travel needs.

I want you to know that I personally will be involved with your account and stand ready to answer any concerns you have as you prepare to attend the Annual Summit Business Convention in Tokyo.

I’ve enclosed a reprint and the receipt of your booking which includes the flight itinerary and hotel accomodations.

Details as follows:
Roundtrip Airfare - $850
Hotel (Business Suite) - $400 per night x 3 days - $1,200
Car Service (hotel and venue) - $ 400

To ensure your seating reservations, simply sign the enclosed agreement page on or before May 28, 2013 and fax or email back to me the soonest.

Thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in our company.

With kindest regards,
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