Thursday, March 21, 2013

letter of guarantee from company


101 , Jalan Tun Perak
60070 Kual Lumpour
WP kuala lumpur

Attention sir

This letter will guarantee that "your company name" will be responsible for all expenses incurred by " your employee or guest name" during his/ her stay at the " name of location" in Calgary from “check-in date” to “check-out date”. These expenses will include the apartment accommodation, any extensions to the original reservation, parking, long distance charges, any extra personal charges and damage to the location through willful neglect or abuse by the guest requiring ,
in the judgment of Imperial Rentals or its representatives, replacement, repair, or extra cleaning. Please send your invoices to ‘name of person in charge of billing, department” at “address for billing”. This office will be processing all payments for this account. We understand that payment is due prior to arrival. “your company name” agrees to Imperial Rentals terms of payment by which invoices are due upon receipt and a penalty charge of 2% will be levied on any
account that is past the due date. Please direct any payment inquiries you have to “name of person in charge of billing”.

Yours very truly,
“Name of company representative”

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