Monday, April 15, 2013

Cover Letter for Cake Decorator

Sample cover for Cake Decorator job , cover letter example for Cake Decorator position with experience

If you're very good with pinching and squeezing icing and just love sweets like cakes and pies, you'll fit right in as a Cake Decorator . This also applies for cake related jobs such as a Sugar sculptor, cake artist, fondant artist, pastry chef, wedding cake decorator.
Dear Miss Sara,

I am writing to apply for the position of Cake Decorator posted at Saint Andes Bakery. I believe I have the necessary skills for the position.

Baking is very special to me. I never thought that the day will come that I am going to be paid for something I am very good at such as baking and cake art & decorating. I can come up with 15 or more different ways to decorate a basic cake. As I am very thorough in creating flowers, borders, butter cream finishes, gels, airbrushing, lettering, fondant work and piping techniques; I can easily prepare these products for display.

I have worked as a Cake decorator for Miami Nuptials for over three years. I was in charge of cake orders and stock inventory of deserts. On average, I would fill out icing on over a hundred pastries for the catering line. I am also known for creating exquisite patterns on special orders like wedding cakes and three-tier cakes.

I am confident that my baking and edible decorative art skills would be an asset to your company. I understand portion control, mixes and I can comply with standard practices and policies. Rest assured, I can create cake designs of quality and excellence.

I have enjoyed a reputation for being industrious and passionate about the Cake arts. I am used to working long hours standing, walking and grasping tools in the kitchen.

I am available to talk at your convenience and I welcome the opportunity to be part of your baking empire. Please contact me anytime at 222-3251-600. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Mary Beth Kohler

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