Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cover Letter for a Mailroom Clerk

Sample cover letter for Mailroom Clerk ; Go postal with a sample Cover Letter for a Mailroom Clerk or a mail room supervisor. Mailroom jobs are routine jobs that require a lot of sorting and patience. This is a good job for entry-level workers or lifers who like routine and scheduled work.

Dear Miss Peters,
Please accept the enclosed resume for a potential opportunity in your Mailroom Department.
I am responding with great interest and enthusiasm to your recent advertisement for a Mail Room Clerk. My skills and experience appear to be a good match for position at hand.
I am a General Educational Development certificate holder with 2 years mailroom experience. I am skilled in operating data entry devices to input lists, records, or other data points into an electronic format. As a mailroom clerk, my duties are to check incoming and outgoing mail for all departments. This includes mail preparation, document preparation, scanning, sorting, indexing by utilizing a postage machine, postage meter and addressograph.

I also address mail safety issues and check & report suspicious packages that may possible contain lethal or harmful contents. I am aware of mailroom procedures and mailing operations and I adhere to regulations at all time. I am physically fit and can carry heavy packages from the storage facility to interoffice departments.
You will find me to be a keen individual who can work independently on assigned tasks as well as accept direction on given assignments. Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions at 222-451-232.  I gladly welcome an interview at your convenience.
Thank you very much

Sara Adams

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