Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cover Letter for Plumber Position

A sample Cover Letter for a Plumber that allows the applicant to demonstrate his labour and plumbing skills to his prospective employer. You should modify this cover letter according to your experience and qualifications

Dear Sir,

I am writing regarding my interest to apply as a Plumber in your Building & Maintenance company. Therefore, I am enclosing my resume which will provide you with my thorough work experience in the plumbing and pipefitting field. In advance, thank you for considering my application.

As the resume indicates, I am highly skilled in installation, maintenance and repair of all kinds of plumbing systems which includes pipes, pumps, valves, sewer mains and storm drains. These are building fixtures related to air, water, gas, steam, and chemical systems. 

I am also aptly skilled in reading original blueprints and estimating work sketches to determine the type and size of pipe to use. As a plumber, I adhere to compliance with all standards and building codes, I schedule preventative maintenance check-ups for all the properties assigned to me. I am also physically fit, I work out and powerlift regularly at a local gym. Such a regimen allows me to physically endure heavy loads, and long periods of crawling, kneeling and stooping in elevated areas at work.
More importantly, I have 10 years experience as a plumber supervising 10 different properties for a real-estate firm.

I feel confident that my extensive experience in plumbing and pipefitting, plus my outgoing demeanour and people skills, would make me a suitable plumber for your maintenance team. I will contact you next week to see if we could schedule an onsite demonstration of my plumbing skills. I would appreciate an opportunity to show you my capabilities.

Thank you very much


Sam M Adams

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