Saturday, April 27, 2013

Request for Employment Certificate from Past Employer

Here is an example of Request for Employment Certificate from Past Employer. You are advised to modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose .

Dear Human Resources Officer,

I am writing to you as a past employee of Seabiscuit Transport to request for my employment certificate.

I was employed as a Marketing Consultant for 4 years (March 2007-May 2011) under the communications department.

I am currently compiling all my past employer references as part of my visa application at the Swedish embassy of which I am required to present on May 6, 2012. I would need the employment certificate as soon as possible as I am also required to have it legally notarized by a lawyer.

As you know very well that working for ( Company X)was one of the highlights of my career. I would like to thank you and (Company X) for any assistance on this matter.

Hoping for your kind attention and favorable consideration.

Past Employee
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