Friday, May 10, 2013

English SMS text Messages Collection for Valentine's Day

Great charming collection of SMS text messages for Valentine's Day 2014 .. Valentine's Day is a special love event , make it special with these SMS msgs

Love me like crazy
& you'll never be sorry
4 my love is BIG
& 4ever & true
Happy Cupid's Day 2 U!


will be unforgettable
will be tops!
Destiny will make it
happen between us
Happy Valentine's Day!


my darling, sweetheart
today i have nothing
but chocolates & roses 4 U
U deserve everything my sugar
See U after Work!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts should not be lonely
this Valentine's Day or
Cupid will go mad
Let's make it special
How about a dinner date?


U make my lips quiver
U make my heart aflutter
U set my loins on fire
U make everything worthwhile
Happy Valentine's Day my love!

Valentine's Day is a day 4 Love
among friends, lovers & family
All the world is happy
when love goes around
So share it & hug someone u love!

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