Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reply Letter to Job Application

The following letters are simple examples of "reply letter to job seeker application". You have to  modify and customize the letter according to your need and purpose.

Sample 1:Reply Letter to Job Application

Dear [Name],

Thank you for applying for a position in our company. We will be reviewing your qualifications against the requirements for this position. We will contact you soon if you are part of our shortlist or if there is an update on the status of your application.

Please check your e-mail regularly for any correspondence regarding your application.

We hope that you will have a productive day ahead!


Sample 2: Reply Letter to Job Application

Thanks for your application, which I read with great interest, unfortunately the current economic climate means that we are unable to appoint anyone to the business at this time. Thank you for your application, we will keep it on file in case we need to appoint in the future.

Best regards
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