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Valentine's Day Love Letter to Girlfriend

Here we see some examples of Valentine's Day Love Letter to Girlfriend. You should modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose.

#1 Valentine's Day Love Letter to Girlfriend 
Dear Sonia,

In this day of hearts, let's celebrate our love together. I have only the best prepared for you - wine, roses, chocolates and a gorgeous sunset waiting for us at the marina. If you can hear the beat of my heart now- its singing our love songs. To be loved by you is to live a dream. No matter where life takes me as long as you're there- I am home. You are the light of my life, you are my one and only true love. Once again, Happy Valentine's day and I love you!


#2 Informal Valentine's Day Love Letter to Girlfriend
Hey you!

Happy Valentine's Day. I know you saying oh my god I'm going to kill Jack for doing all this! This is the final piece to your valentine's day gifts, the only one you didn't see coming :). I figured the best way to show you how I truly feel is to spill my guts on this paper, and dam it took me a while to get this right. Besides i cant contain these incredibly intense feelings I have inside for you, and so I must tell you everything in this letter. Ahhh i can't help but think about the first time i really took an interest in you.. Taco Bell Talk Session..

I know romantic right? it was epic though stayed till midnight just talking, it was awesome.. Hehe. Anyways that's when i first felt a pretty good connection with you and everything seemed to blossom after that night. Then you came to my house to watch that horrible movie but our connection became even stronger anyway. The second time we had our first kiss and my feelings sky rocketed and i began to gain even more feelings for you quickly, I realized this once you left and I didn't want you to leave at all. I started to care about you right then and there. Since then our friendship turned into a relationship, the best relationship of my life. Every time i was with you, i was constantly laughing and had this natural good chemistry with you which I've never felt with anyone before. That natural chemistry was the reason I kept pursuing you, I just had to have you in my life. As time went on my feelings became more and more intense because you were making my life so much better than what it used to be. I really fell in love with you, i finally felt complete.

Each time we got together it was so much fun, and when you would leave i felt this pain like i couldn't be without you, always feeling like i want to spend every possible moment with you. When you would leave i would just keeping thinking about us and how much i love you. I love how we could spend hours talking, laying together, playing videogames and just doing nothing and never get bored of each other. I love how at times we can be playful, goofy, stupid, and then all of sudden be serious and passionate about one another.

Like when we stare into each other's eyes for a period of time, what an amazing feeling. These feelings are so intense that i just had to sit and write down everything for you to show my true love for you. You are such an amazing person and i feel like the worlds luckiest guy because I have you. Honestly i don't know what i would do without you in my life. I think of you all the time, i can't get over how beautiful you are. Your smile, your eyes, your long hair, and that camera tattoo giggity!. Just i love everything about you, so lucky i have you. I want you to stash this letter away in a special place. I want you to always have it, to remind you how much i love and care for you. Also I want you to be able to look back and remember how it all started. No matter what comes our way I want you to be able to take this letter out and say hey remember this babe... I love you forever and always

Your Man,

#3 Valentine's Day Love Letter to Girlfriend

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