Thursday, June 27, 2013

Acceptance Letter from Company for Bank’s Salary power account proposal

Here is a sample Acceptance Letter from Company for Bank’s Salary power account proposal

To: The Branch manager
Bank Name
Bank Address

Subject: My SB account – Reg Account No:_______

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With reference to your salary power proposal dated_____, we are pleased to inform you about our acceptance of the same inclusive of all the terms and conditions mentioned therein. We hereby certify that the salary relationship your bank would be commented for a minimum ______of employees and the average salary would be minimum $____ that shall be credited into the staff account on a regular basis. We request you to offer the appropriate product features as per the payout details.

We understand that incase of non credit of Salaries for more than 3 consecutive months, the special features offered under the salary power scheme would stand withdrawn and the account shall be treated as a normal saving account under the bank’s standard charge structure and all charges shall be levied and applied as applicable to normal savings accounts.

We also wish to inform the bank that ________________ is / are designated and authorized Official / s to verify and validate the bonafides of all staff who are opening their salary accounts with XYZ bank. Any changes to this effect would be intimated to the bank well is advance , for record.

His/ Their Sample signature with the company seal is dulty enclosed for record.

Authorized Signature                Authorized Signature
Name                                       Name
Designation                               Designation

Thank you very much

(Company Name)


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