Sunday, June 2, 2013

Payment Request Letter for Services

Clients have selective amnesia particularly when it comes to bills involving services (hard labor, man hours, contract work).

Its easier for them to pay for tangible items because the thing will always serve as a constant reminder of what they've bought and are still paying for. Now if you are a service industry professional or contractor, this sample letter may be just what you need to get that payment settled.

Dear Miss Sara,

As of April 15, we have received no response on our previous requests regarding the payment on invoice #20-222-33. This bill is being served for services rendered at your estate at 40-D Magnolia Drive which includes - topiary, gardening, weeding and pest control.

The service was approved according to your specifications and achieved on time as scheduled. Attached is the copy of the approval form of which you have signed on all service dates.

Since this invoice is now past our terms of net 30 days, please remit your payment via wire transfer, credit card or check today.

Grey Gardens Topiary Services
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