Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sample Request for Retraction Letter

Here's a sample request for retraction of an article letter. If an article seems to be libelous or full of errors you may get the attention of a publication editor with this letter particularly if it gets your business involved in the wrong kind of publicity.

Dear Editor,

I would like to point out a glaring error in your issue dated June 20, 2011 regarding the groundbreaking ceremony at Idle Creek Park entitled "Mayor Simms Unveils Monument for War Veterans."

I would like to demand a retraction from your publication as soon as possible. The media release states that the Idle Creek Park Monument for War Veterans cost our city $120,000. In fact, this monument was created and given freely by the renowned sculptor Mala Jones as a tribute to her grandfather, a war veteran from Idle Creek. All costs incurred with the construction of this monument is duly audited and every cent is accounted for by the city government. We had received enough donations from art patrons, as no cost was place upon our citizen's tax money. We have philanthropist Teddy Borden to thank for.

I hope your publication may care to fact check next time. Please be more responsible with your news endeavors as this may truly cost a lot of innocent and hardworking people their jobs.


Sara Roberts
City Hall Council 

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