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Cover Letter for Project Coordinator position

Here is a sample cover letter for Project Coordinator position , National GEO Society. You are required to modify this letter according to your qualifications and experience with related employers.

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Dear Name of Contact,

I am writing in application for the DME Project Coordinator position being offered by the National GEO Society, as advertised on the Insider. I am a 2009 college graduate currently working as the intern for the Center for Sustainable Destinations (CSD), at the Society. Prior to this position I was employed by SRA International, Inc., as an Environmental Policy Analyst on the EPA’s land use programs (including work on the Brownfields, Superfund, and Land Revitalization projects). I am applying for the position of Project Coordinator because I believe it is a position for which I am well-suited, given the background I have gained working with you in the intern position and my strong interest in and commitment to the CSD geotourism

After spending almost a year gaining experience as a policy analyst working with SRA International, I left the company in September in order to move to National GEO. I did so with the intention of enhancing the breadth and depth of my background in conservation and sustainable development, gaining experience in
program and project coordination within a dynamic and challenging work environment, and strengthening my writing and communications skills. During my time at the GEO I believe I have succeeded in each of these pursuits, and have taken the opportunity to engage myself fully in both the work of the Center for
Sustainable Destinations and the National GEO Society at large.

It is my desire at this time to continue to work with the Center as a full member of the staff so that I may contribute more fully to CSD’s mission and programmatic development, as well as enhancing and expanding my commitment to the program. I’ve truly enjoyed the experiences I’ve had and projects on which I’ve
worked since beginning as an intern at National GEO, and hope that my continuing enthusiasm for and interest in working towards sustainable destinations will make me a strong candidate for the Project Coordinator position.

Should you wish to contact me I can be reached at email address or at phone number. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you.


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