Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sample Apology letter for Incident

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am terribly sorry for the incident which happened in the meeting hall yesterday. The reason for my behavior in the meeting hall was very unfortunate. As you are well informed about my health conditions I thought that you would not mind it. But, since the meeting involved so much of experienced professionals from various organizations, I am quite aware that you could not digest my behavior. Also I was informed through proper channel that some regulatory measures are to be taken on me for getting clarifications for my filthy behavior whilst meeting is on progress.

While the meeting has started I had a sudden chest pain which was mild and I thought of managing it by consuming the usual medicines. I became panic as it persisted for more than three consecutive hours. Chest pain went tremendously increasing that I could not bear it anymore and went to seek for my physician’s advice as my usual medicines failed in giving a cure. I could have informed you before leaving the meeting hall if there were any planned breaks in the yesterday’s event. As I am not aware whether there would be any breaks and also the discussion continued for hours together, I was unable to inform you prior leaving the meeting hall.

With the hope that you can understand my critical situation which made me leave the meeting without proper permission, I humbly request you to accept my apologies and cancel the regulatory measures to be taken over me for the same cause.

Thank you.

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