Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sample Apology letter for not Inviting Someone

Sample Apology letter format for not Inviting Someone

Respected Sir/Madam,

I believe that would know that I am engaged to my uncle’s daughter in my hometown. Also, I am sure you are angry upon me for not sending an invite for my marriage.

My father is a typical person who thinks that whoever doesn’t respect his requests or invites should not be invited again in order to remove the disappointment at happy occasions whenever such invites have been shared. Also even if other members in my family have invited such persons without his knowledge he will feel miserable that his own family members do not understand his feelings. Being my colleague for the past five years with me in our office and moreover a schoolmate of mine, you haven’t attended my brother’s marriage ceremony. Also you haven’t given even lame excuses for your absence at such a happy occasion to my family which you have bound to as my friend and as a family well wisher.

At every occasion invites will be sent after my father’s consent in order to make him feel comfortable and show our respect and integrity towards the family sentiments. In this situation, if I send an invite to you and if my father knows about this, he might feel miserable about my activities and leave his interest upon family activities.

So, with the hope that you would understand my situation of sending this letter of apologies, instead of sending an invite I expect you to convene your respect towards my father and my family by at least a paying a visit to my family during this weekend.

Thanking you,

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