Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cover letter for retail cashier position

here  is a sample cover letter for retail cashier position with experience. You have to make required modifications to this letter to be useful for your purpose.

Mark H. Hamilton
242 Maple Street
Drytown, VA  23883

March  3rd, 2014
Mr. David Anderson
Hiring Manager
Extra Retail
300 Canada Ave
Soundville, WA 82444

Dear Mr Anderson,
I would like to submit my resume for the cashier position at your Extra Retail in Soundville. I was informed of this opening by Mr. Jack, who works as a legal officer with your organization. It is my understanding that you are looking for an experienced and qualified cashier and, given my four years of experience as a cashier with a reputable retail outlet, I am confident that I can contribute positively to your organization.
In the past four years, I have been associated with Buy & Leave retail outlet. My current employment has given me the chance to not only cultivate and improve the skills related to a retail position, but also develop and sharpen my customer service skills.
I offer you:
·         In-depth knowledge of cashier procedures and handling payments, including travelers checks, gift certificates, processing coupons, checks, refunds, and food stamps
·         Ability to process sales, refunds, and returns
·         Friendly customer service skills
·         Excellent communication skills for addressing questions and concerns from customers
·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office apps, including Word, PowerPoint, Access

In addition to these, I can also serve many of your Spanish-speaking customers. I am bilingual with English and Mexican-style Spanish.
My resume, which you will find attached, provides detailed information regarding my qualifications, professional skills, and experience. I am sure it will convince you of my suitability for this job. I look forward to meeting you in person to further discuss my candidacy.
Mark H. Hamilton


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