Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank you letter for donation

Here is a perfect example of donation thank you letter. You have to customize this thank you letter to be suitable for your purpose. 

Dear Mr. Mark,

Thanks to you, the Children's Paradise Residential Services is successfully providing residential facilities, clothes, stationary equipments, Laptops and other needful things to poor and orphan children. We are happy to see your volunteer participation in such social responsibility.

We work for the education and empowerment of poor and uneducated children through our association. These children are the victims of crisis in their lives or natural disasters. These children are often neglected for the basic needs and education. Hence, we try to provide them for what they deserve.

You contribution to this work will definitely encourage other people and our association too. We arranged residential facilities for about 250 orphan children last year, and arranged for teachers for their education. Our residential have enough facilities to educate and feed these orphans.

It was a great achievement for us when one of the children from our residence got selected as the National Scholar Student. You are invited by our association to visit our residential site and met our staff of 40 volunteers and children.

We will be pleased by your visit and it will be inspiring to us to see your satisfaction. Please let us know when you will be available for this tour. We'll provide you all the details of programs and campaigns organized by our association for children. Our quarterly newsletters and emails will be sent to you regularly.

Thanks to you again, for you kind support for our association.

Your Sincerely,
Jack Anderson
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