Sunday, June 15, 2014

Apology letter for not attending a scheduled meeting

Here is a sample apology letter for a missed meeting . You have to customize this letter to be suitable for you purpose.

There are times in our lives when we make horrible mistakes. Thereafter, we realize that, if somehow given the chance to turn back the clock, our actions would have been different.  Mistakes that affect only ourselves are far less important than those that influence others.

I am afraid you are the subject of my error in not attending the [ONE OR TWO WORDS DEFINING MEETING'S PURPOSE] meeting.  No excuse could possibly convey my regret for such a display of unprofessionalism.  I extend my sincerest apologies with the hope that this action will not reflect negatively on your opinion of my commitment to [COMPANY NAME].

If possible, I would like to obtain any information or notes resulting from the meeting.  Please know that I have learned from this mistake and promise to maintain the professional standards of our company in the future.
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