Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cover Letter for Factory Worker

Here is a Sample Cover Letter for a Factory Worker or assembly line worker in a factory. This cover letter can also fit the following jobs: Sterile Room Worker, Factory Plant worker, warehouse operators, Utility Worker, Industrial staff, Material Handlers and Production Workers

Dear Sir,

I am seeking gainful employment with your company Gainfield Rarity Manufacturing as a Factory Work. I have experience in different kinds of factory-related work which includes shipping & receiving, loading & unloading trucks, forklift, machine operation, stock inventory and assembly. I am familiar with the tools of the trade, and I am used to working in shifts and repetitive operations.

I have previously work as an assembly line worker at the Minnesota poultry processing plant. I do 7-hour shifts on both the kill floor and broiler room. After 8 months, primarily due to my large built and dexterity, I was transferred at the warehouse to load & unload delivery trucks. I graduated from Culver City High School in 1996. I am 33, in fine health, and can do frequent lifting of 30-50 pounds average for loading work.

I have enclosed a copy of resume and would like an opportunity to interview for this position.

Adam Edwards

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