Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Glad We're Back Together Text Messages

Glad that huge break up phase is over? Let your loved one know you're just happy to be back in each other's arms.

Just when I thought
my life was over
U arrive at my doorstep
Just in time
to save me...
from my crazy self.
I love you!
Only love could bring
back the joys of life
worth living,
worth dreaming for.
I'm so glad we're back 2gether!
We had it tough
 it had to get a lot worse
before things got any better
i'm happy now
that we made it through
back in each other's arms.
and I'm never lettin' go
I'm never leaving
everything 2 chance again
when it comes 2 Us
U can always count on me
to take action. Nothing now
can keep us apart.

I can spend my life
together forever with U
I don't mind
gettin' rickrolled
Just being w U rocks!
I'm glad the storm is over
Thank you for taking me back
Making this work,
Making Us,
our relationship work
is never easy
but I will never give up
trying. For nothing
compares 2
being together,
sharing everything
and just enjoying life
one day at a time.
Thank you for opening
ur arms again
at the possibility
that is "Us"
we have both our faults & failures
plus the pressures all around
but i'm all for making things work
and for second chances
because I love you so much

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  1. I was looking for a letter for my boyfriend for getting back together but this works too but I think that you guys should put some letter ideas up before a girl goes crazy