Monday, April 8, 2013

Thank you for the Christmas Bonus Text Messages

Give the boss or the employer a quick no-fuss thank you for the Christmas Bonus this holiday with these text messages:

Thank you for the
Christmas Bonus
I got today :)
I wish you the best
this holiday season!
Thank U 4 D Xmas Bonus
I truly appreciate it
& timing could not
have been better
Have a Blessed Xmas!
Thanx 4 the Xmas Bonus
It has really made my day
and my family's holiday
extra special! God bless you
I would like to thank U
for the Christmas Bonus
I'm glad the company
appreciates the work & effort
I put in all year
Hope U & ur family
have a wonderful Christmas
as well! God Bless
Hello Sir
All things are in order
at the office. I wld like 2 take
this time to thank you
for the bonus I just received.
The wife will be very
happy about it. Happy Holidays!
Best of luck this 2010!
Thanks for making it happened.
This Xmas bonus is a nice surprise
and well-deserved our wait.
From the Marketing team
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you for the Bonus
I appreciate the gesture
the company has decided
to give me. Wish you the best
and happy holidays!

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