Friday, May 17, 2013

Disciplinary Action Letter on Frequent Tardiness

The following is an example of disciplinary action letter on frequent tardiness of an employee. If you wish to use this letter you have to make your own modification to suite your case.

To All Concerned,

Re: Penalty for Habitual Tardiness

This administrative matter concerns the habitual tardiness of Mark Jay Jhonson, an accountant from the Finance department.

In compliance with office policy, Mark Jay Jhonson submitted his letter of explanation dated March 10, 2012 extending his sincerest apology for having incurred a series of tardiness in reporting for work.

The explanation offered by Mr. Jhonson is that his tardiness is mainly due to his scoliosis.

The administrative board finds that Jhonson’s explanation does not merit consideration to justify his habitual tardiness and recommends that he be reprimanded with a warning that repetition of the same offense will warrant a severe penalty. Moral obligations, performance of household chores, traffic problems, health, domestic and financial concerns are not sufficient reasons to excuse habitual tardiness.

He is now suspended for ten days without pay. This is a stern warning to all employees that such an offense will be dealt with severely.

The Manager
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