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Disciplinary warning letter to employee

Sample disciplinary warning letters from boss or supervisor to employee informing him about his bad performance  
1- Simple disciplinary warning letter to employee

To: [Employee Name]

You have been previously notified of certain problems in your performance as an employee, of which problems appear to continue. Please consider this a disciplinary warning.

Any further violations of company policy or failure to perform in accordance with company standards shall result in immediate dismissal without further warning.

From: [Insert Name and Position]

2- Formal Written Warning for Unsatisfactory Job Performance

DATE: (Date of letter should be same date that the employee receives the letter.)
TO:      Mr./Ms. FULL NAME (FIRST AND LAST) - Include middle/nickname if necessary.


RE:       Written Warning for Unsatisfactory Job Performance

Nature of Disciplinary Action

This Written Warning is being issued for your unsatisfactory job performance, specifically due to 

<eg, poor attendance, frequent absenteeism, poor work habits, failure to follow instructions, 
frequent errors in work, etc.>
Relevant Past Occurrences or Active Disciplinary Actions
<Note any past conversations with employee regarding this topic, including informal counseling sessions.  If there are any other active disciplinary actions, list them with a brief synopsis.>
On <DATE> you and I met regarding (…) and I instructed you to (…)
On <DATE> you received an Informal Counseling Memo regarding unsatisfactory job performance, specifically due to (…)
On <DATE> you received a Written Warning for unacceptable personal conduct, specifically due to (…)

Incidents Resulting in This Disciplinary Action
<Detail what occurred, what is unacceptable about the employee’s work or actions, what information the employee provided to explain the incident, etc.  When possible, note the relevant Principal Function from the employee’s work plan and the specific performance expectations written that were not met.  Include any consequences of the actions (eg, resulted in an overpayment of $600, resulted in 10 students not receiving their checks on time, resulted in significant additional work for your co-workers, etc).>
<POINT #1>
<POINT #2>
<POINT #3>
Required Corrections to Performance (including Management Responsibilities)
<Detail what corrective actions or new expectations are required.  Indicate any actions you as supervisor will take in order to support these corrections (I will send a staff memo explaining proper procedures, I will meet with you each week to discuss your process or review your work, etc).>

Timeline for Corrections and Consequences of Not Making Required Corrections
<Corrections generally need to occur within 30 calendar days of receiving the written warning.>
If you do not make and sustain these job performance corrections, I will consider further disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
Period of Time for which Disciplinary Action will be Active
This disciplinary action is being issued pursuant to the University’s Disciplinary Action Policy for SPA employees.  This action will be inactivated and removed from your personnel file if:
12 months have elapsed since the date of this disciplinary action and you have not received another disciplinary action, or

On your next annual performance review, you receive at least a “Good” rating for your overall evaluation and receive at least a “Good” rating on Principal Function <XX>, which covers your <XXXXXX> responsibilities, or
Management chooses to inactivate and remove this disciplinary action in less than 12 months.
If you receive another disciplinary action while this action is still active, this action will remain active for the duration of the subsequent action. (The actions do not have to be related in content.)

Appeal Rights

You have the right to appeal this disciplinary action under the University's SPA Grievance Policy. To be eligible, you must submit your appeal to Employee & Management Relations in the University’s Office of Human Resources within 30 calendar days of receiving this disciplinary action. A copy of the Grievance Policy is attached. For your convenience, you also may obtain a copy of the SPA Grievance Policy through Employee & Management Relations or at the Office of Human Resources website at  If you have questions about your appeal rights, please contact the Grievance Coordinator in Employee & Management Relations at (200) 300-4444.

Supervisor’s Signature
            Supervisor’s Signature:             _____________________      Date:    ________________
Employee Acknowledgement 
I acknowledge that I have received this disciplinary letter.  I understand that my signature below does not necessarily imply agreement with the disciplinary action taken.
            Employee’s Signature:   _____________________      Date:    ________________

Attachment: SPA Grievance Policy

cc:        NAME <Chair of the Department/Division>

Dean’s Office <if required by Dean’s Office>
Employee & Management Relations, Office of Human Resources (for University Personnel File)
Department Personnel File
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