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letter of condolences to a colleague or Coworker

Notice of Condolences, Sample Letter of Death in the Office, Sample Letter Conveying Loss, Sample Letter of Colleague's Loss. It is good to read the following letters before writing your own !!

1- Sample letter of condolences for a colleague or Co-Worker

Dear Colleagues,

I regret to inform you that [Name, Position and Department] has lost his loved one [name and relation], on [date] due to a [illness/accident]. On behalf of the [company] staff as a whole, I wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to [Name] and family for the loss of their beloved [name] and pray for God's solace during this trying moment.
 Transport will be arranged for staff members wishing to convey their condolences to the family at their residence. Consequently, date and place of wake and burial will be announced in the course of time.


2- Condolence Letter  For a Co-Worker Who Has Lost a Loved One

Dear Maria,

I am so terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved husband.  I read about it in the office memo as everyone was asked to observe a moment of silence.  I cannot imagine how you must feel at this time.

John was a wonderful husband and it showed every time he visited you at the office.  I will never forget the time he surprised you with flowers and balloons for your birthday!  You were so happy and he enjoyed showing how much he cared about you.

I wanted to extend my deepest sympathies for you and let you know that you have my support.  Please call me at anytime if you need to talk.  I will handle things at work for you so that you can take care of things at home.

 We are all thinking about you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.  I know you’re a very strong woman and we admire you very much for that.  I hope that strength serves you now in your time of need.

We send you our prayers in this time of grief,

Sara Roberts
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