Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farewell letter to coworkers after being laid off

A sample letter extending help to coworkers who recently gotten laid-off or fired from the job.

Dear Co-Workers,

I am sorry to hear about what happened at Work Inc. To everyone who lost their jobs today and those who remain vigilant, yet terrified of their fate. I could only imagine the chorus of pounding hearts as memos are handed down, faces torn between bewilderment, shock and dismay. The recession has indeed rocked us all hard.

When I was working for Work Inc, the people at the marketing department were always top-notched, hardworking and optimistic. I have learned the ropes of the industry well from these fine colleagues that I'm so sad to hear of them let go.

Should anyone of you, my dear friends need any help with references or job leads. I am extending my help, though my field is now in the service industry. It is still an opportunity worth looking into. Please give me a call 222.046.159 or email me

The fall of Work Inc. may signal an end of an era, still it could possibly mean a new chapter, a new beginning in our lives.

Your friend,
Sara Roberts
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