Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Letter to Build Business Relationship with Client

The following sample letter is sent to client to build a business relationship with him

Dear Adam,

Thank you for inviting me to attend the Tuesday's meeting to answer questions from your managers. Learning of AgriVet's corporate mission was interesting and informative. With the keen approach your company has taken the last quarter and your constant commitment to quality and value, AgriVet will certainly continue be one of the leaders in the industry. As a media strategist, to work with such a pioneering company is professionally very rewarding for me.

Now it is my intent to do everything possible to help Agrivet reach its long-term goals. As mentioned at the meeting, one way I can help is to arrange an overall assessment of your operations by our researchers and planners, and I’m proceeding with plans to do just that. I am meeting with our core team at North Bay to identify the key parameters in improving your facilities and protocols on a cost-efficient basis.

Please let me know when I can be of further help to you. I plan to continue to work closely with you and your managers on this project.

Sam Watson
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