Friday, May 10, 2013

letter of declaration for shipping

Here is a sample letter of declaration for shipping. You should modify this  letter to be suitable for your purpose and situation


This is to attest that cargo [insert number] are soil samples from [location/mining company]. These mineral concentrates are taken from a depth of [number] meters below the earth's surface. They are to be shipped to [laboratory/location] with permit number [insert number] for further metallurgical testing. Enclosed are the secured environmental and government permits required for their shipment.

The samples have a total weight of [number] kg and are individually packed in [number]kg lots (optional). The samples have no commercial value.

[Insert Shipping Company] is responsible for the safe and secure delivery of the said goods.

Please contact [Insert Shipping Company] or our company [insert company] for further information or inquiries about our cargo.

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