Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mentor thank you note Sample

We introduce to you a template of mentor thank you note. Express your appreciation and invite him / her to attend your presentation.

Today's Date ( Written out)
May 23, 2013-05-25

Dear Mrs. ______ , (comma)

Paragraph #1: ( Three sentences or more) Thank you for helping me with my graduation project. Now say something specific about the way the mentor helped you. Now say something about the future – for example: I hope to see you at my graduation party in June OR I hope that you are able to work with more students next year.

Paragraph #2: Enclosed you will find the Mentor Reflection form. Would you please complete it and return it ti Mrs. Evans, the Grduation Project Coordinator? It is part of my grade. The deadline for returning the form is …………. .

Paragraph #3: I would like to invite you to my oral presentation , which will be on …….. (day) at ……… . When you arrive, please sign in at the main  office.


Your signature
Thank you note, thanks to my previous mentor, appreciation letter, invitation letter

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