Monday, May 27, 2013

Letter to inform Clients that You've Switched Companies

How to write a letter to inform clients that you've switched companies ??!! Let's see the following example :

Dear Clients,

I am now a full-time real estate agent at Deltahome Associates LLC, coming in from my freelance status and working prior with PowerSoil  LLC where I have met most of you at mixers and open houses.

Please be advised that my working arrangements with you, PowerSoil  real estate owners in particular will not be compromise. You will receive the same commitment and top-notched service from me as your real estate agent and broker liaison. This is something I personally guarantee to my clients – sacrifice and commitment. This is what has made me known in the industry and has attracted the interest of Deltahome Associates LLC.

My decision to join the Deltahome team is to gain valuable tri-state experience that goes with joining a large and solid firm. I will also be handling key properties in Fort CollinsDenver and Boulder which you may be interested in. How great is that?

So please expect me to meet up with you soon to discuss the status of your properties. As you all know, you are indeed an important part of my continued success.

Ms. Dai Smith
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