Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Missing You Letter to husband or wife

This is an example of missing you letter. You should modify this love letter to be suitable for your purpose.

Dear Love,

Now that you're leaving for God knows where and why?
I can only email you and perhaps possibly get through you.

I promised you a list of all the things I miss about you
and I guess this is the perfect time to put it all down.

So here it goes: 

I miss touching your hair, pinching your arm, and ticking the back of your hand.
I miss messing your hair. I will miss teasing you. 

I miss texting you in the morning, evening, and every time in between.

I miss giving your phone a ring. 

I miss talking to you. I miss asking you nonsense questions. 

I miss waking you up in the morning. I miss your smell.

I miss asking how you are and I will miss not getting a response from you.

I will miss commenting on every small detail I notice about you. 

I miss giving you gifts. I miss giving you notes and letters.

I miss writing what I want to say to you.

I miss touching your face – your forehead, your nose, your ear – touching them suddenly without your permission.

I miss saying your name; I miss writing your name.

I will miss all of these things… …but I’m gonna be okay …and you’re gonna be okay. that’s just how things are. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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