Saturday, May 25, 2013

Request letter for refund airline ticket

Here is a sample request letter for refund on airplane ticket.You should modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose.

Hello There,

I'm Sara Adams and I bought a ticket from EgySails Travel & Tourist Agency in Caro. I can no longer use the return flight ticket back to Dubai and I've called Emirates airlines in Kentucky about this and they have advised me to coordinate with you (travel agency where I bought the ticket) and request for your procedure on plane ticket refunds.

My ticket details are as follows:
Galileo Reference: GRR7GV
Consultant Name: Meredith 

Passenger: Sara Adams
Emirates Airlines: DN-245
Tuesday, July 09 2012
Departs: USA at 00:20 hours
Arrives: DXB at 04:40 hours
Class: Economy

I would like to know more about your refund policy and I hope you could email me back with the information.

Your time, effort and prompt action are greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much

Sara Adams
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