Friday, May 10, 2013

Sample Letter of Intent for business

Here is  an  example of letter of intent for business transactions . You should modify this letter to be suitable for your purpose and situation.

Letter of Intent

Whereas Arco-med is interested in developing organic products from hemp and lavender from the trade faculties of Rochester and Milford.

Whereas Arco-med is a highly respected service contractor in the manufacturing industry.

Whereas both parties have undertaken extensive discussions and steps to develop organic products from hemp such a food products, medicine and textile.

Arco-med is pleased to advise that Arco-med will work together exclusively with Rochester Mills for the above mentioned projects and that Arco-med has selected Rochester Mills as the main contractor to carry out the required work for the execution of the projects and intend sto enter into formal contracts Rochester Mills for such work.

Arco-med and Rochester Mills will further enter into service agreements on terms to be agreed, with the aim to negotiate contracts on a lump-sum turnkey basis for the execution for both projects.

Sam Roberts, President, Arco-med
Adam Rochester, Rochester Mills, LLC
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