Sunday, June 2, 2013

Letter to School Alumni

A sample letter to call in old students to the school. Rein in the alumni cattle, where ever they may roam. If they're not visible in facebook, its about time to send them some snail mail.

Dear Members,

The Institute would like to know how you've been and where you are right now. We are currently updating our database and we need your current information so that we can stay in touch. 

We would like to let you know that our new office is at 25 South Bay drive. We'd like it very much if you could come to visit some time and claim your copy of the alumni yearbook.

Also please let us know who your class and student numbers. You may email us your contact information at Rest assured that your information will remain confidential and will be for the Institute's purposes only. 

Feel free to send this message to other people who have been involved with the Institute at one point in their lives.
We would love to hear from you.

Alumni Registry Officer
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