Sunday, June 2, 2013

Letter to Tenants about Maintenance and Repairs

Making an announcement to tenants via a letter on the new payment system for their monthly bills plus other concerns with renovations

Dear Tenant,

Please be informed that the maintenance and upkeep of all high-rise residences of Townsville Properties will now be done by FinanceOne Brokers. This will ensure that your units will keep looking like the first day it was turned over. To our buyers, this means that your investments will keep appreciating.

Currently, we are working on the requested repairs of our tenants at the Ritz Towers. We are happy to inform you that we recently received all fire and safety approvals from cityhall, which will now allow the company to begin on its planned renovations. We are now coordinating with our contractor, Foremen Construction to ensure that the improvements be done on-time and as scheduled.

This is the first of many upgrades for the year 2013. We would like your cooperation to settle your bills on time to ensure our ongoing maintenance, repairs and improvements. Please consider this an added benefit to your real estate investment.

Cordially yours,
Building Supervisor
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