Sunday, June 2, 2013

Plea Letter to Social Welfare

A mother seeks assistance from the government's social welfare office, to stage an intervention for her loved one, by getting her son into a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Sample Plea Letter to Social Welfare

To the Family Welfare & Social Services Committee,

This is regarding the case of my son, Philippe Scott whom I recently evicted from my home. He is of legal age and no longer a minor, I feel he is now capable of being responsible for his own welfare.

I am his mother, Sara J. Roberts. I am suffering from Adult onset diabetes and its complications. Most of my earnings from my meager wages go to my medication and other living costs. I'm afraid I'm very much incapable of financially supporting my son now. He has been well-cared for as a child and given considerable education. I can no longer tolerate his abusive behavior in my household. He is confrontational and irresponsible. I am afraid he might set fire to the house as he has a habit of leaving lit cigarettes while falling asleep drunk.

Still, I am his mother and I would like to appeal to your kind office, if there is a program that can help my son address his behavioral issues. He has left the house and has no place to go right now, I'm afraid he might end up in a far worse state out in the streets.

I would like to ask for assistance to bring in my son to a community-based rehabilitation center where he can receive comprehensive care. Please let me know what to do and the case worker I can coordinate with regarding the matter, I can be reached at 222-12345.

Thank you for the time for evaluating his case, I would appreciate any help you may extend to my son.

Sara J. Roberts
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